Dance, beautiful bride
Dance till the gods declare a feast
Let them hear the song that your nimble feet sings
Let the earth whisper to the heaven in gossip
“No one has ever flayed upon me with such bliss”.

Oh! Daughter of wonder
How you ease my face of its wrinkles
You fill my age with virgin chuckles
My frail bones are strengthened by your warmth
Now, my winters are colorful verses ushering in the  summer.

With vigor, your womb shall boom
In the harvest, it shall bloom
You will find warmth in the arms of your man
Solace in the cuddle of your children
And wondrous music in the scream of many grandchildren.

I can’t stop this river of aches
I smile though my heart strains
Sing for me my favorite song
Let it ease my pain when you are gone
Let it echo at the dawn of the morrow
When you journey forth to make your new home

38 thoughts on “Farewell” by Anda Damisa Lazywrita (@Anderson-paul)

  1. I envy the women that this poem could be for. Superb.
    And yet women would not give us rest because of their ‘maltreatment’.

    1. where is your koboko @kaycee?

      1. Koboko ke, for what ?

        1. you know best

          1. I don’t know sir unless you decide to tell me..please do

  2. Kaycee, envy indeed, the poem is from a father to a daughter…you know how precious female children are now.

  3. How I have missed your poems Anderson…reading this one gave me very warm feelings..well done!

  4. Long time Mercy, glad to know you are still around, glad you got that warm feeling. Will be expectn u in THE FOROOM, do pop in.

  5. That’s definitely a father talking to his daughter…nice.

    Welcome back.

    1. Yes, a father to a daughter

  6. Hmmhh! How much he would miss his daughter. Nice piece Paul.

  7. @igwe enough missing o, its love…thanks sir

  8. such a wonderful poem..nice. Anderson, more of this please

  9. very nice one anderson.
    mama is already missing her daugther..
    i was looking for an exposed part of your butt to flog but i seem not to have no luck.

  10. Hahaha, wat have I done to deserve flogging sir, not fair o.

    1. no be all of us agree to be very hard on the writers?

      1. I know now but we also agreed its when the post dosent meet up to standard.

        1. that is why i could not find a place to flog…this is good

  11. A beautiful poem. I love it. A song of parents giving their much loved daughter into marriage.

    1. You are perfectly right, just wanted to capture the joy and pain involved in giving a daughter away.

  12. Now we gals are smiling o! Very tender poem from a charming guy. Love it, really do.

    1. Hmmmm, charming ehn, really glad you like it too, always happy to put a smile on ya face.

  13. Thank you plenty

  14. U sound like a suitsayer, or a star teller….in smlines u wanted to sound like Solomon….

    1. Wanted to sound like hmmmm
      That’s a huge one..thank you

  15. This is good Anderson. Glad to know that the fire is still burning.

    Well done!!!

  16. Thank you lawal, the fire is always there, its just time o


  18. You make it sound like good music, thank you

  19. Ashawo No 1! Hehehehe. Nice one bro.

    1. Very funny, I sure don’t know what you are talking about o

  20. Mr Anderson (that name reminds me of Neo,everytime I see it),this is so beautiful,could relate to every bit of it.Is there any need to remind you how good a writer you are? Nah…
    Thanks for sharing, this is G-o-o-d.
    Welldone sir!

    1. You are very funny, I appreciate the compliment, will keep it up

  21. @Anderson Paul this is a fitting parting gift from a mother to her daughter on her wedding day.

    1. You are right, its a parting gift but it from a father to a daughter.thank you

  22. beautiful writing here Anderson.Keep it up

  23. I will try my best to do that.thanks

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