So much strength
So much promise
Now it’s all yesterday.

Look into his eyes & see the fire
Tune into his heart & feel the softness
Challenge his physique & taste the rage
Listen to his soul & hear gentleness.

He was a grain of sand on the shore.
He strained till, transformed, he was a rock.
Why the past tense to this story?
Ooh! He’s slept early & might awake in glory.

What more can I earnestly say about you?
You were never my friend but how I feel your pain:
That crash, your dreams it stole away
That last minute, your life it mixed in tears

You must have struggled to stay alive
But the verdict was not now yours
Do you see heaven? Your morning gladdens my heart
Gates of hell? This mourning weakens me so.

So much strength
So much promise
Now it’s all washed away.

*Dedicated to late ORIE ERNEST (a classmate of mine at King’s College, Lagos), OLAONIPEKUN OLAITAN aka DAGRIN (one of my favourite Naija rapper) & other youths who have lost their lives*

10 thoughts on “Adieu” by King kObOkO (@koboko)

  1. May the soul of the gently departed Rest in Perfect Peace!

  2. Ooh! He’s slept early & might awake in glory…I love the way you express their demise. Great job.

  3. Nice one. May they rest in peace.

  4. May they RIP (Rise in Peace) too. Strange enough, I’ve had this deep feeling since I was a little boy that I shall die young. I guess I’m dedicating my own work indirectly to myself as well. “If I die make you no cry for me…” besides death is not an end; it’s a means to an end. It is a morning. *smiling*

  5. Well done sir, a well deserved one, always nice to remember those who are gone
    May their soul rest in perfect peace.

  6. quite commendable of you to have written this one…i liked him a wee bit too.

  7. You know the sad thing about death is the finality of it. may your friends’ souls rest in perfect peace!

  8. Nice poem, strong lines…but I feel you watered it down with the title which makes it sound like an Obituary

  9. Expressive. Touching…but i feel there’s a little ‘something’ lacking. Don’t ask me what…i couldn’t tell you…i just don’t…


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