A Myriad

A Myriad

Oh what an open world

Mothers caressing their children

Fathers fleeing

Leaving moms and kids to fend for themselves

Complicating lives; leaving homes abandoned and desolate


Oh what an open world

Government developing into bottlenecks

The populace crying to no avail


Oh what an open world

This world; an open world

Men and women; young and old

Do what they feel at will

Hustle and bustle of life

What an open world

Small and big

Thin and fat

Tall and short

Of different likes and dislikes

Oh! what an open world

Moves from one metropolis to another

Oh what a an open world…

12 thoughts on “A Myriad” by Whiz Da Poet (@whizpoet)

  1. Em…okay. Felt like the poem was not as deep as the title suggested…but that’s how it felt to me. The first and last verses were my favorite.


  2. nice poem but it felt kinda shallow for me. you started greatly and your second to the last stanza was good too but you need to up your game. i can see that you are growing though.

  3. nice one bro,but i ditto@seun,@xikay

  4. I ditto d dittos…

  5. I ditto the dittos d dittos. Nice one though.

    1. Hehehehe….

  6. @Raymond and Igwe, lol…

    To the honest, I also think the poem fizzled out from a promising beginning.

    1. U don see am naa, @Myne.

  7. Is the poem for junior waec? Whiz da poet! Big name…..

    1. @ KayCee…Aba! Is that a charge or something.

      Anyway, I just felt like writing something as simple as possible compared to my other poems with ‘too deep meaning’ as some complained like Seun and others.

      For instance ‘The Giant’s Wrath’…that took many to unravel….

      So Its not for any ….exam as you ‘mock’.

  8. shai (@shaifamily)

    u can vex sha.

  9. oh what an open world
    a world of complexities
    represented by two opposing
    yet true realities
    the good and the bad
    the fat and the thin
    the opulent and the poor…
    a good poem Whiz da Poet…

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