What would you do for love?

What would you do for love?

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked Jide again

So Jide took a moment to think.

He thought about her soft skin and edible looking lips and how he had often imagined kissing her endlessly and just… touching her.

He thought about her figure, her shape, and had imagined her lying by him in his bedside, naked, so he could see and feel the real moldings of her body.

He thought about that smile and those eyes and his heart skipped a beat.

He wanted her, and he wanted her bad!

She was perfect for him.

“Do it” he said with a steady voice and the babalawo got to work mixing and incarnating.

Jide tried to curb the feeling of happiness that was swelling inside him. He tried not to smile. And it took his whole will power not to stand up and dance awilo.

He would finally have the girl of his dreams.

‘This baba can do anything and this is what he will do for me. That girl must be mine! I must have her! Her voice must belong to me… she must sing to me and only me!’

He knew a lot of people liked her and wanted to be with her… but he was a man of actions not words. If he wanted her he had to have her, by hook or by crook. Other’s had their trillions, but he was about to show her what true love was all about.

He had heard that her ex-boyfriend had beat her up… and now she was moving from one man to another trying to find the love that he had so freely to give.

‘Don’t worry baby… i am coming’ he thought as he allowed his mind to wander away filled with thoughts of her


When the ‘medicine man’ was done he asked Jide to spit inside the pot.

Jide spat into the pot

“This is the end of the process” the babalawo said “All you have to do is say her name three times and where ever she is, she will come searching for you. Once you call her name now her heart will belong to you forever till one of you dies. Do you understand?”

“Yes” Jide answered and leaned towards the pot.

And with a tenderness in is voice and love in his eyes, he said her name

“Rihanna, Rihanna, Rihanna”

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18 thoughts on “What would you do for love?” by Gg (@gg87)

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U really led me on!!!!

  2. Hahahahaha!You are funny.

  3. nothing spectacular, the regular stuff.. however i have to say it was funny. Very catchy!!!!!!!!

  4. lol! great sense of humour Gg, no spell fit catch that one!
    The word ‘incarnating’seems a bit vague to me in your story.

  5. What happens to a reader who does not know Rihanna?

  6. Good one Gg! My favorite songs: “Rehab”,”Umbrella”and “Love the way you lie”.
    Adeniyi, try youtube.

  7. Funny,funny stuff.
    Incarnation and incantation are two different words though. Using incarnating there changes the meaning of your sentence. Nice work all the same.

  8. ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! This is crazy!!!!!! Mad crazy funny!!! Cause I know Rihanna ofcourse! Great job Gg..

  9. You’re funny but…what if it works and you suddenly find her beside you? Anyway there were a few typos. ‘moulded’ not ‘molded’ and some others

  10. you have done well. listen to @stan

  11. Funny twist at the end. But come o – what if there are other people visiting this babalawo? Will Rihanna be jumping from person to person, or what?

    Kind of reminds me of the whole “who wins when two football teams pray to God?” question. :)

  12. Loving the feed back guys… Thanks! Keep it coming. Will def correct all the things that’ve been pointed out.

  13. i swear am rolling on the floor laughing.nice one Gg.keep it up.

  14. Well, I can see you have an idea that would have made a really funny story but I just felt you could have done more justice to it. This is a short narrative that can be quickly read but I feel its strength would lie in the way you told it.

    I think you can make it more interesting still based on the same subject.

  15. Great pace, nice twist…good laugh, just a few errors as highlighted previously…nice one!

  16. (ROTFL!!)…yeah,right!!.good one,Gg!!

  17. so… i am glad to report that i made all the corrections you guys made and submitted this story for prestigious a writing workshop and got in. :D thanks guys… much love.

  18. Hehehehe!
    Rihanna ko, Rihanna ni.
    Love this.

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