What are your NS points worth?

What are your NS points worth?

Hello Everyone,

As we round off the month of May, we’re going to reset the points of all members so that we all begin June on a fresh slate. Some recent members have become quite active on the site and we want to give them a chance and a level playing field to be recognized along with more established members. We also appreciate all the members who have remained active on the site, please continue to earn points as you can be sure you’ll be rewarded.

On wiping off these points, we intend to reward the following member who was at the top of the scoreboard for all members on the site. Xikay (23630points) will receive $50 from the site sponsors. Please send an email to admin@naijastories.com to get your award. We will also like to commend the others including raymond (14785points), scopeman60 (10819points), jaywriter (9299points) and julemyles (6909points). Your old points may have been reset, but we do not forget and hope the site can be of service to you sometime soon.

From June onwards, your points will afford you to do the following – (Points Subtracted)

50 Points – Create a group
50 Points – Become a group member
5 Points – Upload a group avatar
5 Points – Upload your profile page avatar
2 Points – Send Messages

For those who are not certain, here is how you can earn points – (Points Added)

200 Points – Becoming a Member
50 Points – Blog Post (Minimum 500words)
20 Points – New Group Forum Topic
10 Points – Blog Comment
10 Points – Daily Login
10 Points – Status Update
10 Points – Leaving a reply on a member’s update
10 Points – Group Update or Reply
10 Points – Completed Friend Request
10 Points – New Group Forum Post

So, the more points you get, the higher your status on the site. In addition to annual cash awards to top scorers, if the site holds competitions or holds promotions, you may need to have a minimum number of points to take part in them. If you’re just a reader and reviewer, you can also donate points to your favorite writers to let them know they are appreciated. Soon, some posts will have to be paid for to read, and you can earn critiques with your NS points.

Questions and comments are welcome at info@naijastories.com. Thanks for being part of this community. Remember to spread the word.

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