The Girl

The Girl

How can I stay away?

Let me remain on this altar of love,

in self-sacrifice of emotions.

It’s nature’s fault and not mine.

I love her as she loves me.

Is it a fault to love?

Her embrace makes me happy.

I’d rather be dead than betray her love for me.

Now mother thinks I ‘m possessed,

and stains me with foreign oils.

She says ‘the girl is sinful’.

and like everyone, I must despise her.

But I will not!

They make excuses of new faiths,

but she wants no holocaust or sacrifice.

She cares only for heritage,

and fruitfulness of the future.

Yet, they nail her on the cross of alien acts.

I fear for you, and myself,

for her dying is our dying.

4 thoughts on “The Girl” by Ladipo Titiloye (@ladman)

  1. Hmm…quite the tribute to the chick. Not bad.

  2. not bad at all. well done poet.

  3. ‘Her dying is our dying’…wow…powerful conclusion…structured delivery…good job!

  4. Eiya, poor him
    Love the last two lines especially “her dying is our dying”.
    Those lines described the whole poem.

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