The Cob

The Cob

Have been rooted out of the hollow sack,

left to die in dark brown masses,

to rise again in greenies.

Now I weave my way

through layers of  moisten air,

Unveiling my brownish tassels,

The shape of feathered arrows


I see  strands of golden silk,

as i welcome the feasting of swallows

and the rustle of  the wind

heralding the coming of my new babe.

16 thoughts on “The Cob” by poposky (@billchucks)

  1. Lovely, lovely.Loved the descriptiveness of this one,

    Well done!!!

  2. too short a poem but strong word usage

    1. casey thanks a lot

  3. Nice but too short a poem

  4. Good idea, nicely structured…to the point!

  5. @popsky i love this, the pictures made it even better. well done

  6. I like the descriptive use of words and the imagery of a budding/growing plant. But I feel it could’ve been better.

    Keep writing.

  7. Honestly…but for the title and picture I doubt I would have understood this. I felt like a more graphic/detailed description of the corn in other layers would have been adequate…but I wasn’t there when you were inspired therefore I don’t know what you saw. Far be it from me to fault inspiration. The interpretation might be ……. Tho.

    1. @Seun, i quite agree with you, if not for the title and the pictures, one’s mind might had interpreted it some other way….

      1. but a rich poem should have more than one interpretation

        1. ya i agree with you

  8. Vivid imagery
    Nice choice of words
    Short and dare I say PERFECT
    Lovely poem

    1. ur comment makes my head go…..

  9. @popsky, very beautiful and descriptive…

  10. Seun is right. Still, nice…

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