Story Time

Story Time

All children love stories, especially
the ones well told, or that end happily.
They love the fairy of beaut & the beast,
and that on how the tortoise made a feast
of death against the mighty elephants.
All children love the stories of ants.

Not Fred. He thinks all stories aren’t real.

I told him of the pig that struck a deal
with a poor farmer whom it briefly saw:
‘could you please help me make a bed of straw?
The soil is loamy, the turnip won’t hold.
‘Then I asked Fred to guess what th’ farmer told
as his reply. He said, ‘He broke the rig
and shouted’, “ALL! Come see a talking pig!”

5 thoughts on “Story Time” by Adewale S. (@sailzeals)

  1. lol, yea smart did “you” feel afterwards. i liked it sha

  2. It’s an actual joke, actually. I turned it to poetry. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. That actually made me laugh, lol…

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Fred needs to free his mind and let his imagination soar…made me laugh…thank you!

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