I tip-toed on a stone
only to b slapped by
mad police men
mauling my body in
mad waters of dirt

I yearn for innocence
cried for freedom
looking up the lonely
sky for help from mighty hands
My lips sang in sorrows,
allowing my soul sigh
in anguish,
my eyes saw worst side of hell

i ride on in rags
moving with pressure pain
to meet politicians without politeness,
throwing money
removing every road block
to ply wealth with their evil corrupted minds,
they knocked my rugged rickety bicycle down
without a sorry.

I walked with anger
watching with hunger
the ratty environment of rusty refuse dumps
I saw my home on fire flames
no fire fighter to combat the inferno that had burnt down my cockroach house of living!

5 thoughts on “Mystery” by Uchechukwu Obiakor (@uchechukwu1)

  1. Hehehehehe….Not bad. Watch the few typos…

  2. thanks@raymond.

  3. you are totally on target here. i loved this big time…quite hilarious and i must say sorry for the ‘knocks’. listen to !@raymond

  4. got it @xikay.thanks for dropping by

  5. I can relate to the message, but the few errors in grammar and tense warp the flow of an otherwise good poem.

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