My love no blind

My love no blind

My own love no blind
My own love dey see pass Microscope
My love no dey slack at all
24/7 e open brekete
So that nobody go fit kolobi you

The truth be say na wen I close
My eyes na im I dey see clear
Clear,even sharperly sharper.
My own love no blind at all
That is how I take know sey you fine die!
If to say my love blind,
How I for take see your backyard
Plus your front yard
How I for take picture your face
Wey fine con smooth pass mama
Sikira pot
How i for take see your mistakes
Wey full ground remain
The truth be say we all get the
Thing for body,ñöbödy sabí äll sha
Well if to say my love blind,you for No like me at all at all!
For my back you for dey call me mumu, I for dey do like banbianla
Büt I be sharp guy
You sef know sey your guy na correct.
Person wey him love blind
Na for inside koto e go fall yakata put nah.
My love shine e eyes like floodlight
E dey see for inside darkness pass Flashlight!

23 thoughts on “My love no blind” by sambright (@sambrightomo)

  1. Nice one. If you are writing in pidgin, stick with pidgin. This sentence ‘That is how I take know sey you fine die!’ stick out a bit like a sore thumb.

  2. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    thanks my brother duly noted.

  3. the word that came to my mind was “witty” so when i saw the word on your dashboard i smiled. nice!

  4. well done. quite creative.

  5. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    @ febby thanks for the compliments.we just dey try small,small.

  6. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    @ xikay i appreciate your comment u be oga

    1. oga ke? abeg o, me sef dey for classroom with you

  7. I like the concept…but your command of broken is a tad a result it didn’t quite come out as well as it might have if you had done it in English.

    Still you get points for creativity and attempt.

  8. Nice one Sam
    Real witty piece

  9. Really nice!
    Like Doubleespresso said, you need to work some more on the pidgin but it’s nicely and wittily done. Not sure if it could have worked with English.
    Well done indeed!

  10. Sharp Sharp! I liked it

    1. thank you for liking.

  11. Love with eyes…
    Dont mind me, I am just being mischievous!

  12. my own no blind sef.good one bro

  13. I like the idea of doing stuff in Pidgin. However I think you must remain single-minded and write completely in pidgin. Some lines had English construction in them.
    Besides, I feel you could get more creative if you look at the poem again and make it more vers-like than just in a simple single voice.

    You did however make good effort in the witty lines department.
    Well done.

    1. You are the boss. I will sure try my best to improve on this craft.

  14. I really appreciate all the critique.@ seun,chetachi,afronut,African rose,paul,kabura.thanks so much will try to make my craft in pidgin better.much love.

      1. no problem @ xikay..

  15. Dem don yarn am finish. Oya, continue ya good work.

    1. Thanks @ raymond. i will sure continue on that path of good work.

  16. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    nice one make u help me tell them,assuming love blind how u take see am? before u know say na love,by ”am” i meant love itself and the guy or lady,bcos u first saw the person b4 u decided to meet with the person and get to know each other b4 love starts to grow or you don forget ”love at first sight” .in some other cases.

    1. @ihenyengladysule thank u jare. If love blind then lovers will fall into a ditch!

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