Miss You

Miss You

I keep mixing up my tenses
Mistaking my pen for an utensil
Am i lost? I wonder
My mind drifts, my heart wanders
No more can I write
I can’t even manage a smile
I can’t think of dainty sonnets
Or pen down a rhyme
I miss you so
And it hurts my soul
The birds chirp
Mocking my loneliness
The day slowly pass
A bowl of emptiness
Whisper my name
Oh charming beauty
Tell my heart what yours want
And lets come to a love some treaty.

16 thoughts on “Miss You” by Anda Damisa Lazywrita (@Anderson-paul)

  1. Small typos, but that doesn’t detract anything from the Beauty of this.

    1. Thank you sir
      Will definitely work on the typos

  2. lovely bro. she’ll come around soon. few typos like @raymond said. the lst line for example: love some [LOVESOME/LOVE-SOME]

    1. Lol @ hoping she will come around
      Glad you love it though
      Thanks bro

      1. why the LOLing?

        1. You were hoping she will come around
          No one ever left and no ones coming around
          Its just my imagination at work.

          1. in the corner of your heart, someone or something left you or someone close by…just thinking

            1. Maybe, just maybe

              1. i can feel it within me…lol

  3. awwwww nice nice nice

    1. I hope that’s a good aWwww and not a sad one
      Thank you

  4. I enjoyed this, and as you said in the 1st line being lovesick has perhaps affected your attention to detail (only jesting) …but like in this sentence the want should be wants-Tell my heart what yours want-but must compliment you…good job!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it
      Wasn’t lovesick though
      This one is a really old one
      Will check out those typos

  5. Beautiful verses. Maybe not talking about a particular someone but the very concept of true love eh? Something tells me that like still waters, you run really deep.

    1. Okay, thank you, it talks about the concept of missing one generally.about running deep, dunno yet.lol

  6. nice constructions

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