Info age…Good cause or curse?

Info age…Good cause or curse?

The information age was projected to reduce workload hence create more time but the opposite is happening. Technology has created a virtual reality of what isn’t there at all.  The industrial age was escorted out with the introduction of machines which were projected to ease and shed some work hours off, hence creating more time but this has only led to more demand for that scarce resource called Time.

It has only created more avenues for more time demand in the workplace at the expense of the family.
Present modern family systems are slowly degrading and statistics have shown the increase in divorce rates even in rural settings.
I ask myself so many times what would make me as a father get home after my children would have slept on a week day only to rush out on a weekend for one supposed meeting. Am I building a home or just dwelling in a house?

The modern day family has misplaced its priorities. We have left our children to be trained by the society, media and peers and you complain about 98% failure in WAEC exams. You’re yet to see more if something isn’t done.
The education sector hasn’t failed because of poor standards but because focus of families has shifted long ago.
Information age has brought more harm than good as it were because we have failed to manage it properly.

Father and Mother join the early morning rat race of Corporate Nigeria leaving child to discover world on his/her own.
A child always gets trained either ways (either at home or outside). So will you leave your vulnerable child to explore the world on his/her own or you’ll protect his/her future while you still have an influence? It’s left to you.

Gone are the days of your mother smacking you hard for getting a B when you thought you did well. These days the cane-therapy is gradually being phased out.
Gone are the days when we watched ‘Speak out’ Debates on NTA..I used to wonder in amazement of how eloquent those kids were.
Gone are the days when you were forced to watch ‘Newsline’ all because you wanted to stay up late on Sundays.
Oh! how I craved the lovely stories of ‘Tales by Moonlight’ and prayed never to steal because of a moral lesson I got from it.
I clearly remember this cartoon on HIV/AIDS by Sarah and one funny monkey she had.
Limited we were by the options of TV Stations but they were awesome and educative. Now what do we have? *sigh*

Mundane as it might seem then, we unconsciously grew up with good morals thrown forcefully in our faces by the only means of entertainment we had then.
Now we have many options, yet the reverse is the case. Entertainment has become flashier yet brains have only got duller.

The information age was supposed to be a blessing yet the devastating effect is slowly killing our values.
We spend so much time online staring at a computer screen yet reading a book is often greeted with a tired yawn. The Bible? Let’s not even go to that. Bibles have gotten more portable, fitting better underneath pillows and side drawers while reading time has also shrunk alongside size. Having a bible app on a BB a’int no guarantee of you reading it.

Technology has increased distractions and created more vacuums in lives.

I refuse to just be a cyber-activist who would come online, blab his mind and publish a note. No!
My 1st job is to create the awareness of a decay of morals and values.
Secondly is to let you know I’m taking a bold step forward to effect a change. Nuff said!
Do your part and let’s quit deceiving ourselves.

Marriage isn’t for all so I’d advice we stop adding to the problems on ground if we wouldn’t take up responsibilities in raising purposeful and value-driven families.

12 thoughts on “Info age…Good cause or curse?” by mikesfrequency (@mikesfrequency)

  1. @mikesfrequency, way to go man. you have the word, let it out cos the world needs to hear it. you have made a whole lot of sense and that is what we lack in this world now, SENSE
    a dew problems:


    because [THE] focus of families has [HAVE?] shifted long ago.
    Corporate Nigeria leaving [THE] child to discover [THE] world on his/her own.[IT SEEMS YOU HAVE AN AVERSION FOR THE ARTICLE ‘THE’…TRY USING IT MORE OFTEN]


  2. Thanks and noted. You’re right about the ‘THE’ avoidance. Will work on that.

  3. @Xikay has an eye for detail dat can’t b rivaled on this site, nice job @Xikay! Sowee, MASTER XIKAY
    @mikesfrequency, nice one bro… It cld b better, it always gets better!

    1. True talk and a very weird one too. You wonder how he gets to see them attimes.
      Yep, it could be better!

  4. This is a good debut, I look forward to reading more. I believe in the eagle eyes of xikay too.

    1. Thanks Myne. The community is healthy, active and a no-nonsense one for that matter. Fresh ground for growth.

  5. *just shaking my head and passing*

    1. @Xikay, Oya, COME BACK HERE NOW!!!

  6. Now I know that I am not the only one who worries about the state of things…Change…one mind at a time…Nice work man…I’m gonna be looking forward to Ur works…with my Rakmuns, of course…

    1. Same here too. My radar is on and alert, watching out for your posts.

  7. @mikesfrequency you don vex well well but sadly you are right…things are falling apart. We need to get our priorities right.
    Meanwhile your ranting no gree you proofread well well. Just to highlight a couple of things I noted: are slowly degrading -perhaps you meant disintegrating
    ‘We have left our children to be trained by the society, media and peers and you complain about 98% failure’ -We have left our children…and we complain
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Na soo. :-D I vex forget English baa. You’ve got eagle eyes o. Thanks @doubleespresso.

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