He teased her hair; the chronic flirt!

He made her clothes cling to her curves

He made her laugh. He made her run

Then he worshiped her,inch by inch

Till she trembled from his touch

Whipped up an aura of magic around her,he did

The blasted scoundrel watched me squirm!


That devious being! Rogue that he is!

Caressing her till her eyelids drooped

Relaxing every muscle in her body

Till she was caught up in his rapture

Lifting her hands and twirling around


He kissed her fiercely, made her blush

While I watched them,utterly green

WIND!! cursed be his unmerciful soul

He made me watch, saw me wince

Watching him do what I never will

O! helpless,lovelorn fool I am…

She’s completely out of my league

28 thoughts on “Flirt!” by Miss Sarah (@tokuharash)

  1. i read this and i said, wow! very creative

    1. thank you,xikay

  2. Hehehe. This one made me laugh. Nice.

    1. glad it had that effect

  3. Mmmmhhh! Nice

  4. hey awesome piece there Sarah but u are female arnt u? just askin, wink

    1. yes I am.:D Was trying to write from a man’s perspective

  5. Ok, when you think someone is out of your league, that is what happens…….enjoyed readint this.

    Well done Sarah!!!

  6. Light but true at the same time. I hope she doesn’t compromise cos of the flirt.

  7. Flirt!!! Very feminine!!! But I love the rough tone. “That devious being! Rogue that he is!”

  8. Sigh.

    Is a woman ever out of a man’s league?


    1. That’s a huge question sir
      There will be different arguements for a yes or a no.

    2. Yes!! and thank you. I’m a bit of a feminist… :D

      1. I strongly disagree.

        And you seem to leap to quick to defend yourself. Whoever labelled you feminist?

  9. Hmmmm..Presido, will have to give that some thought….lol

    lovely, lovely poetry Sarah, I absolutely enjoyed it..

  10. wonderful poetry…different people getting different interpretations, signs of a good poem.

  11. Beautiful poem Sarah
    Fierce and creative with that feminine touch.

  12. lovely poem; we all find ourselves in the writer’s position at least once in our lifetimes. Good piece baby!

  13. The power of imagination @ work

  14. whoa…this one pass flirt oh! The guy’s gone beyond that stage and cooped the chicken!
    Nice one! But I’m wondering if the narrator is male or female…?

  15. **chuckling**
    very nice poem you got here, Sarah.
    Welldone and keep it up!

  16. When a man becomes jealous of the wind…..

  17. hehehehehehehe. I like this.

  18. Are you referring to me? I think you are… Hehehe

    I love this. Nice one @tokuharash

  19. Good, good good. Will like to see you write from a woman’s perspective…

  20. Went back to this old work of mine. Nobody seemed to notice who the flirt really was :)

  21. enchanting choice of words

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