The Wet Child (5)

The Wet Child (5)



When he couldn’t cry anymore, Chike sat up. He felt an odd clarity now, like he’d cried everything out; his fears, his worries.

She’d said he wouldn’t get out, right?

Well, she wouldn’t get out either.

Slowly but methodically, Chike searched the kitchen with his eyes. They settled on two large cylinders in the corner, close to the door. He wiped his face as best as he could, then pushed himself off the floor and slowly made his way towards it. On a counter on his left, he saw a lighter. He stopped, stared at it, sighed heavily, and picked it up. He put it in his pocket. He felt like an old man. He continued walking till he stopped in front of the cylinders. His mind felt empty and full at the same time, light and heavy.

One after the other, he dragged the cylinders out. They were heavy. He unlocked the kitchen door and then walked out into the restaurant. It had stopped snowing. Snow covered the tables and chairs in small drifts, but it didn’t go beyond the counter. The little girl was still there. So was the darkness. But Samuel’s face was no longer there. Chike was a bit relieved. He looked outside. Nothing had changed. Then he saw two students walk past, towards the library. He smiled regretfully, then turned to look at the girl again. He nodded and went back into the kitchen. Dragged the two cylinders out and dropped them behind the counter, facing them outward, towards the restaurant, the girl. Went back into the kitchen. Searched. Found a steel rod. Took it with him and went back to the cylinders. After three hits, the top of the first cylinder came off. The second one needed four. He dropped the rod into the growing pool of gas, then jumped onto the counter and rolled over to the other side. Came down. Checked that he’d not spilled any gas on himself.

Then he walked forward.

The snow crunched beneath his feet, but Chike didn’t think about anything. He just continued walking until he stood a couple of feet away from her, then he stopped.

“What’s your name?” he asked the little girl. He looked down; his phone was barely sticking out of the snow.

“Lily,” she said.

He looked back at her. Nodded. “Okay. Lily. You said I won’t leave here. I don’t dispute that. You have turned my world inside out.” Chike sighed. He thought of a Pilgrim, felt like one. He felt like a Pilgrim with a heavy bag o his shoulders. “You trapped me in here. But you also did something you shouldn’t have done.

“You defiled the memory of my friend.”

Chike stretched out his hand. Lily put her hand in his, and he held it. She felt very cold, and very dead. Chike nodded again.

“What do you want to do?” Lily asked. She sounded coldly amused.

Chike turned, saw the spreading damp as the snow melted in the liquid gas. Turned to her. Took out the lighter. Flicked it on. The flame danced in his eyes and he stared at it, as though in a trance.

“Nothing you do now will make any difference, you know. You are coming with me.”

Chike nodded. He was doing a lot of that now, but he didn’t care. He didn’t care about anything anymore. “I know. But I’m also going to make sure you don’t come back here.”

Faces swam in his mind; his parents, his two younger sisters and his only brother who was going to be 12 in a month. He stepped back, still holding onto Lily. She followed, the look of cold amusement still on her face. He stopped when he turned and saw that he was just a couple of feet away from the dampness in the snow.

His father, waiting for him back home.

His friends.

His girlfriend.

“So sorry guys,” Chike said, sorrow breaking his heart. “I’m gonna miss you.”

Chike threw the lighter behind him, then gripped Lily by her shoulders with all the strength he had left. She just smiled.

The WHUMP! of the flames startled Chike, but he didn’t dare look back. He just held on with all the strength he could summon. Even when the heat got closer and his neck began to feel warm, he held on.

The fire alarm went off.

The glass exploded.

The fire reached Chike.

He held on.

The water sprinklers activated, and the flames only got bigger.

Chike screamed. But he held on.

Lily’s amusement turned to confusion, then panic, then fear, as she looked down and felt her skin getting hotter.

Chike fell to his knees. Was it possible that someone could feel this much pain?

He held on.

Lily tried to pull away.

Chike hugged her, like a long lost sister.

She screamed, and their screams rose in a crescendo of agony; the screams of lost dreams, of pain revisited. The screams of the dearly departing.

They both fell into the sea of flames…






“Yeah, they found him holding what looked like a burnt child’s dress.” The two guys were sorting through the burnt rubble, fully covered in protective gear. The fire of the previous day had claimed the life of one student. He’d been too late in the end, and the building was not going to be used for a very long time.

“I still don’t understand,” Jim, the second guy, said.

“Yeah me too,” said Thomas, the first guy.

The fire-fighters had not been able to save the burning boy, and this did not sit well with the school, as well as the International Student Community.

“One of the fire-fighters I was talking to,” Thomas said, “told me that he was sure he’d seen two people in the flames. The second person had looked smaller, like a little child. Hell, they’d even found the boy with what looked like pieces of a burnt dress. A little girl’s dress.”

Jim looked at Thomas, unsure of what to say, shrugged, then went back to work.

A whisper in Jim’s ears. “I told him he wouldn’t get out.” He looked up sharply, eyes darting about. “Did you hear that?” he asked Thomas.

“Hear what?”

And then, the childish laughter…





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  1. Finally! Phew! The torture was becoming unbearable! Now I am convinced Chike isn’t a Nigerian.. A Nigerian will never think that fire no matter how intense will take out a ghost\Spirit\willy willy (just feel it with your own word). He will first seek the services of a Dibia\herbalist\babalawo or a Pastor\Prophet\spiritualist.. Or If he is trapped like Chike, he will pray till somebody\God delivers him or the Ojuju (I forgot this one earlier) gets him… Thanks Raymond for putting Chike out of his misery sha! Ha ha ha ha! Great spooky story too..

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I understand, but I wanted to create a story with a Universal appeal. I didn’t want to localize it.
      Thanks for reading Mercy…

      1. certainly no naija guy be this…nice ending sha…but that Guy just waste im life for nothing…@raymond, you are very wicked and i’m sure the girl is coming after you.

        1. @xikay, seconded..the guy is too wicked..lool

        2. Hahahahahahaha!!! The girl can’t do me nothing, @Xikay. But Chike…..hmm…his spirit has been haunting me oh, hehehe…

          1. haaaaaaa…you’ve just started!!

            1. Hehehehehe… I really am in trouble…I will not enter that Cafeteria again. Hehehehehe…

              1. you never see anything

                1. Omo, see beef oh!!!

  2. Phew.. finally, chike decided to waste his life like that, but he could have try and talk to the wet child and know exactly what she wanted… may be they can even become friends sef.. but quite sad, the girl did not die at the end…imagine that…Silly guy.
    @raymond, i really like the ending, very good jab!

    1. Hahahahahahaha…Thanks @Posh…

  3. Nice story and the end leaves the possibility of the story continuing which is always good. Mystery is always appealing. But dont you think he was too cordial? I mean, taking her hand and asking for her name. I know you said that his fear was spent after crying but the way he asked for her name and that short conversation made the child look less malevolent. What is your take on that?

    1. I know, it felt like he was too cordial. However, I felt ( I was writing as him, so I felt everything he felt) that he was empty inside. He didn’t really know what to do again, so, he asked her name. When we are at the end of the road, we usually do the craziest things…

    2. @eyitemi, i think when you have passed through such traumatic experience and have gotten to the bus stop of fear, you can do that. in real life, he may not even know he asked for her name…HAVE YOU EVER BEEN SCARED?

      1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Na real bus stop, @Xikay!!!

  4. What a creepy ending, lol. And like a classic horror story, the monster lives on. Too bad our protagonist died in vain.

    1. Thank U Myne. As for Chike, hmmmm……maybe, just maybe, he didn’t die in vain….Let’s see…

      1. lets see?…story never end?

        1. I don’t know….yet…U know me naa, hehehe…

          1. Yeah. We know you.

            Mr. Confused.

            1. Hehehehe….Na so naa.

      2. @raymond, what re we seeing again? After ‘the end’…

        1. maybe this is just the beginning of the end,….we will still see the end of the end or epilogue

          1. @Xikay, or maybe it is just the End of the Beginning…..I’m dubious like that.

        2. U tell me, Posh…What do U wanna see?

  5. okay, END of the BEGINNING meaning we never even reach anywhere? Oshe~!

    1. Wow….U guys are really sad that Chike died…..That means I did a good job…Thanks! Hehehehehehe….

      1. no, we are happy…you think we are wicked like you? you must be a brother to Thomas Hardy

        1. Omo, see beef…

  6. the end ke? abeg, we r waiting for the follow up o so dnt kip us waiting. ya hear?

    1. Oh boy. Raymond, what have U gotten Urself into this time…..Hehehe…
      Well, the fans have spoken. Their will be done. Yes my people. I have heard Ur grievances. Chike…..well, till further notice.

  7. I’m afraid this story left me with an ‘akpu’ moment. Try as I might, I can’t believe that he would do something that could kill himself unless it was very obvious that his life was in danger.

    If the girl had caused him real pain/hurt, then I could understand him reacting in the way he did… but it just seems drastic to have killed himself in that way. And didn’t he consider that the girl was not ‘normal’, and might not be killed by mere fire?

    1. I’m still trying to decipher the meaning of the ‘akpu moment’…..However, thanks for Ur comment…

  8. Click the link on the ‘akpu moment’ text to find out.

    1. I feel U Boss….I’ll work on this then…..Thanks for letting me know, @TolaO…

  9. Ok, so we come to the to horro, but I would have wantewd that demon of a wet child to die…….

    Your descriptive powers are getting stronger by yhe day.

    well done!!!

    1. Thanks Boss…

  10. Yeah. Felt like his killing himself was too dramatic…and such a decision did not have an intense build up. She did not torture him much.

    All in all…a somewhat anti-climatic end…but cool all the same.

    1. I know….working on it…Thanks.

  11. Andre (@andresuave)

    And my horror turns to vex… What a weak character Chike is? He gave up too easily.
    But this is still nice storytelling.

  12. yinkus (@yinkus101)

    lol, this story is so freaky but funny i was laughing so hard, i thought the gurl is never gona come back, y did she say that to the fire fighter

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