The Outcome

The Outcome

One night the extra bone found a use
in the morning he ribbed her his new muse
inspiring him to shooting stars
but all she could aim for were glass ceilings
in spite, she gave him the apple
after that you are what happened
Naivety was the traveller’s mistake
deserts and hard roots were the fate
he wrote it down
ate the books
grew wood
and shot the knowledge inside her womb
but that sort of wisdom lies not between pages
their seeds ages
and reveal the lack of sages
for they came marked with the curse
and he beat her for the hope lost
so she sacrificed her cervix to fix the future
where green pastures
stay red even with the weather change
Now she’s crying and the seasons change
Global warming at our doorstep
Market forces like secret service infiltrating the amazon
she raises a platoon of amazons
a mothers love against an army of George Washingtons
Ala’s army of megatrons
who will prevail
the stones wail
at this offering of a flat ale
must our spine align for wings, a flight?
I lay bent six feet down the bosom of her warmth
while my mind orbits rainbows of saturn’s rings
you have forgotten who was here first
we have forgotten what was here first
he did water the fields with his sweat
while she nurtured the seeds with her breast
but Tories now ride mopeds in the streets of Benghazi
romans never died, they just changed cities
even the east end of glasgow still mirrors the streets of benin city
did I lie when I said I could bend the future?
watching was the blind man’s sin
flip a 999 and you get a 666
our fate was written in the apple seed
and even our telescopes look back to the beginning.

8 thoughts on “The Outcome” by Eldee (@codrojac)

  1. good job… man has gone far from the garden to our currently besieged world…concept of this piece was tight… you did well, kinda need some working on though…the intermittent rhymes were kinda not straight for me but in all you deserve commendation for this totally unique poem….

    a few typos here and there:
    Naivity [NAIVETY]was the traveller’s[TRAVELER’S] mistake

    1. Thanks for pointing out the typos.

      Glad you could take something from this piece…hard work for…not my usual writting style. To add to your take…. I did try to portray the beginning as both cause and remedy of the present.

  2. I seem to be birthing typos all over….my above response about typos above has got 2 typos :p

    1. dont worry, the typos will get fewer as you write more

  3. Nice one. I agree with xikay. And i’m still trying to decipher some of the metaphors used sha. But i guess thatz not ur fault.

  4. Omo….my head don swell. Make I run…Good stuff, but I still dey run!

  5. Very well thought out, deep;from beginning to today. Loved it but perhaps you could sort out the structuring of your sentences and the typos to perfect what could easily be a really powerful work.

    1. The piece is deliberately written so structure and all, the typo’s being my keyboard’s attempt at creativity ;)

      The poem comes really alive when it’s read aloud ….somewhat akin to a chant

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