The Affair

The Affair

Repeatedly, I made furtive glances at my wrist watch as I tried to concentrate on what Mr. Olu, the executive board chairman , was saying but my mind was somewhere else  on someone else. ‘See you same time same place’. His words snapped me out of my reverie as I realized the meeting was finally over.


I hurriedly made a dash to my office, picked up my car keys and informed the secretary that I was off to lunch. As she gave looked at me with pity, I’m sure she wondered at the way I rushed out for lunch every day. Doesn’t my wife give me breakfast, she had to think.  In all fairness to my wife, I did have breakfast this morning. We even ate together. As I ran down the flight of stairs, I subconsciously straightened the creases on the seat of my trousers, though they were wrinkle free as usual- thanks to my wife. Now in my car, I checked myself in my rear view mirror to make sure my hair was in order.


That done, I hurriedly drove out of the parking lot like someone who had the devil at his heels. I had to hightail it out of the office at precisely this time because I didn’t want to miss any possible moment with her. She who made me think of possibilities, she who made me feel ten feet tall, she whose  thoughts   kept me awake even as my wife lay beside me asleep. On reaching the café, I saw that she was already there and I packed my car close to hers.


As I entered I saw her, the object of my thoughts, the centre of my universe sitting down. She looked so out of place, the one bright spot in the otherwise dour environment. She had a book in her hands and her organizer on the table- the epitome of a successful career woman. As always, I wondered what this beautiful lady saw in me. As I walked to where she sat, I glanced round the surroundings- a little run down place at the edge of town, people hardly came around. The food was passable but the people or lack of people there made meeting there just fine. That way, we wouldn’t run into people who knew us, we wouldn’t have to worry about being seen together.


As I reached for her hand when I got to the bench where she was sitting, the rings on the fourth finger on her left hand glinted as the rays of the sun filtering in from a nearby window fell on them. Yes she was married and so was I but the warmth of the dazzling smile she gave me I swear could cook an egg. So I refused to let any feelings of guilt get in the way of this limited time with her. We talked as we had the lunch we ordered for, eating but not tasting the food, savoring instead this time we had together, wishing time would stand still for a little while. Alas, it wasn’t to be so as our time together came to an end.  Quickly, I paid the waitress and reached out to hold her hand as I wondered how I’d get through the rest of the day. ‘I’ll see you soon’, she said reading my mind in that unique way of hers. Little wonder why I risked everything and drove so far out of town to this place. She made coming here all so worthwhile. Common sense says I should curb this addiction I have with her but my ears are deaf to it. As we headed to our separate cars, I glanced around and saw the waitress looking at us pointedly her eyebrows narrowed disappointingly. ‘You are both married’ she seemed to say.

But I didn’t care. I was having an affair………………………………………..with my wife.

12 thoughts on “The Affair” by bluegal (@bluegal)

  1. I like the story. But I felt the ‘suspense’ was too far drawn and quite misleading. Not that that is necesarily a bad thing but I just felt kinds shocked not pleasantly surprised @ the end.
    Nice descriptions tho, except for a few typos, I like your style. Well done!

  2. Your attempt at suspense is very visible but maybe not well placed in the story, however, this is still a good effort.

  3. You really can write. Pls do some more editing before you post,typos arent pleasant to the eyes.
    However the suspense didnt work for me. I could see too much effort that bordered on misleading like why do they have to avoid ppl seeing them,and why did he have to not let his guilt spoil the moment with his wife when it wasnt an offence etc.
    Nice writing though.

  4. I think the story was quite creatively done, even though more details could have made it more compelling. well done!

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Not a bad piece at all…

  6. I like the story, and the end was a nice twist. But you don’t need to mislead your reader to create suspense. Just show us the story and leave the rest.

    Well done, the waitress expression made me laugh. I see in her character the fact that a lot of people assume marriage should remove the spark of romance. Abeg let the flame burn!

  7. Yeah i was mislead by this piece, tut,tut- and that was not too good, but it’s a nice piece. Thumbs up!

  8. wow, you got me looking under the rocks here, totally lost…nice story and nicely written too ….i ditto @remiroy and @stan big time…the suspense was a bit rough at edges, and the typos too
    …still it was a great piece

  9. @Xikay, Stan and Remiboy, it would amaze you to know I read it over and over again. Reading it now, I wondered how I managed to miss the typos. Guess I was blinded when hurrying to post it.
    @Stan, Thanks. I was trying to portray the fact that you could still have exciting times when married.
    @Everyone, sorry for the suspense. Now that you’ve said it, it was too much. I would have heaved a big sigh if I had read it elsewhere. Sorry I put you through that. I’m still learning.
    @Igwe and Scopeman, thanks. I’ll keep on trying to be better.
    @Myne, wow. This is high praise coming from you. Thanks!

    1. @bluegal, you cannot say a ram is a pig no matter how hornless/muddy it may be…whatever the typos you overlooked here, fact remains that this story makes a whole lot of sense and also was professionally written

      you can be better…none of us is perfect…just growing

  10. Others have already commented about the ‘misleading’ parts of the story, like going to an out of the way part of town. These really took the shine off what would have been a very sweet story for me.

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