If the rain from Heaven should fall can it wash away the pain?

Pain of my people

For many years we’ve heard your promises, none of which you fulfilled

Now you come to me with sacks of Gold

You want to buy my peoples vote

We live in a time when persecution and perseverance serves as a piecemeal

A piecemeal for the poor, the desolate and afflicted

We live in a time where the voices of politicians are only heard

During political campaigns and elections

We see them making display of exploitative manifestos in disguise as the cream of the crop

And when elected, they possess the spirits deafness and dumbness

Casting my people into perpetual darkness


If the rain from Heaven should fall can it wash away ignorance?

Ignorance of my people

Who have sold out the cream of the crop! Our Judases who have earned

Thirty pieces of silver from our locust politicians to feed on our grains of hard labours


Oh ye disciples!

Disciples who have lost their calling

Congress men who longer wish to remain slaves

Advocates who have mingled themselves with the beast of the earth

Desperate politicians with an ensuing blaze

Greater than the fury of a burning furnace searching for a victim to consume

Yet my people still cast their vote of confidence


Let a Pastor remain a Pastor

Let a politician remain a politician

For there is a chasm between Good and evil

A master can never give an account to his slave

And there is no diversification for a man whose heart is fixed


Remember! ‘No one will ever put leadership in your hands

You have to take it yourself

Not by force

But by sense’



6 thoughts on “Piecemeal” by adesoji (@adesoji)

  1. Just a few typos here and there, but this is a really beautiful piece, well done.

  2. I ditto Scopey…

  3. @adesoji, them no get ear to hear…you did well indeed…just a few typos

    they[ARE] possess[ED] [BY]the spirits [OF]deafness and dumbness

  4. Hey guys thanks for corrections, @ xikay you know at times ur work might make perfect sense to you but others might point out one or two mistakes in dat same piece of work, I guess dats why we have editors like you, all d same il work on it. Thanks once more

  5. @adesoji, i have been down that road…all the same, you are a very good writer…more grease.

  6. Very topical, typical of the Nigerian story. You told it well, even the slight errors do not detract from the excellent work…well done!

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