Living Praise

Living Praise

Joyful Hearts
Twinkling Eyes
Bending Knees
Gyrating Hips
Tapping Feet
Bobbing Heads
Singing Tongues
Flexing Backs
Waving Arms
Clapping Palms
Sweating Brows
Shouting Mouths
Sharing their joy
Giving thanks
Remember that
If you will not
praise the Lord
who made you
mere stones will

Yejide Kilanko © 2011


16 thoughts on “Living Praise” by yejide kilanko (@yejide-kilanko)

  1. Praise the Lord!…the words you used were apt in capturing the image of dancing people..Nice

    1. Thanks Mercy :)

  2. good structure
    good representations
    fine message
    beautiful poem.

    1. Thanks Scopeman :)

  3. Aint gonna let no stone outpraise me. Nice one

    1. Me too, I like d style and the message. @Yejide Kilanko, well done!

  4. @yejide, nothing can be much better..i loved this…if only you stuck to the two words verses all through

    1. Xikay thanks for stopping by o. Truth be told, I have always struggled with what label to give my poems cos I don’t particularly follow any of the standard rhyme or rhythm rules. Because I say the words aloud when I write, I think they’ll probably fall under spoken word because I care more about how the words sound.

  5. Praise the Lord somebody. Nice one.

    1. Twirling my gele in praise over here :)

    1. xikay, what I really wanted to say was what do you think. I know you write poetry too. Should our poems follow the oyibo forms of poetry or should they be like our traditional oral poetry like the yoruba ewi?

  6. Loved the verbs, they were very apt with the parts of the bodies. A very joyful poem altogether.

    1. you are very apt in your choice of words @myne

    2. Thanks Myne.

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