Journey to Nowhere

Journey to Nowhere

i lay my head on my palm

thinking to myself of a better life to live

then i realised i had left the physical

i was no longer where i was before

so i continued to wonder this new place what it was about

i then saw a gate

it had an inscription on it that read fantasy world

i was curious, so i stepped in to see what was in it

there i met a young dude

he was drop dead gorgeous

i tried spelling his fyneness with a i

but it always came out as a y

this guy had everything

including God in his life

he walked up to me and said hi

i was too perplexed,

so i stood there drooling

he brought out his handkerchief

and i eagerly collected it

he stretched forth his hands

and i obediently put mine in his

down the path of love we strode

no destination in mind

we later got to the house of ecstasy

it indeed was a beauty to behold

i sat in the chair of honour

and was fed with the spoon of grace

in great dignity i was served

and with so much elegance i comported myself

To cut the long story short

“Mr. Fyne” introduced “Mrs. Perfect” to me

i did not match her qualifications

so i slyly left the house of ecstasy

while strolling down the path of love

i met………………….





this is just the first part, watch out for part2



8 thoughts on “Journey to Nowhere” by diamondsblings (@diamondsblings)

  1. Na Nollywood we e go get Part 2, ah ah. I enjoyed this though…

    1. @scopeman- something happened, and i lost inspiration, the other part has been submitted anyways. Thanks

      1. okay, ba wahala.

  2. Not bad…not bad at all…

  3. I like it :) I could see myself in this fantasy world. Well done

  4. Sometimes.

    Sometimes…Ms. Bling…you make me wonder.


  5. I love this. The I’s in small character immediately reminded me of e.e. cummings who wrote his poetry in small characters.

    Well done fella :)

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