I Long for Nothing

I Long for Nothing

I long for greener pastures, brighter hopes.

I long to sketch ‘SAIL’ on this stagnant sand.

I long to understand sweet Nature, to cope

with the world’s complication– Life’s harsh bond.

At least two mansions; worst, the swiftest cars,

a son with exact semblance, a wife like

a mom. I’ll build a tower beneath the stars

where I could climb the clouds and take a hike.

But not one thing will actively remain:

All things must go- at frosty weathers, leaves frost.

I shall be left to decompose to dust;

I have no light, no hope, I accrue in vain.

I feel my woe, and wonder why I care,

and realise I long for nothing here.

4 thoughts on “I Long for Nothing” by Adewale S. (@sailzeals)

  1. Hmm, Nice. I love the way it started but the despondency at the end made me kinda sad.
    I really don’t see myself as accruing in vain as long as my life is more than what I amass.
    Nice poem though. I really like.

  2. King Solomon said it well, All is Vanity. I like your version too, especially about building a tower under the stars and taking a hike upon the clouds. it leaves the reader with the desired feeling. However, is that a typo? It would read better as “As frosty weather leaves frost…”

  3. this is it . cool poem with very clear meaning. its all vanity,all our attempts at gathering the whole world in our pockets…well done

    why did you mix Upper and Lower case initial letters? na style?

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