Head To The West

Head To The West

Woke up one morning with a voice in his head

the world he was aware of to dust they were

things that were in excess suddenly become rare;

Many overwhelmed with fear and despair

water at that point was valued more than life itself

buried in his thought he was led to a realm

behold a sacred book buried under a mass of dust and rust,

he grabbed onto it and he was relinquished from “lost”;

The voice in his head, ceaselessly kept shouting

“Head to the WEST”  “Head to the WEST”

That’s where heaven-on-earth rest

his mind kept roaring like a bear

walked through the valley of the shadow of death yet

he strolled through it like he was sending a text

thirty year gone still on the quest

“I walk by faith and not by sight” he said

His faith was like his own sacred crest

no matter the situation he still felt blessed,

at the point of death all he thought about was his sacred test

the entire bible stored in his head so he saw no-limitations ahead

read chapter after chapters of the Bible for thirty years,

“Many stare at the Bible daily yet they lack knowledge of it’s capacity” he said.

Stranded in a desert yet all his mind could alter was “WEST”


That’s where your heaven-on-earth rest

he excelled in his sacred test

and to heaven, he departed to rest.


Who ever wrote “The Book Of Eli” is spiritually blessed

He painted the picture of the world he saw…the violence and hatred, the sore in life that many pushed to the shore

Once upon a time, the world was blessed, and due to man’s ruthlessness it’s about to end

Watched this movie on DVD understood it vividly, click on like if you are really feeling this.


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  1. “utter” instead of “alter”.
    I have seen the movie ‘The Book of Eli’, really interesting movie.

  2. After this piece, that movie is a must watch for me!

    1. U really need to watch it. It’s a cool movie!

  3. Cool tribute…

  4. @4ran6, you can say that again…i really do like this piece

  5. Thanks a lot for the tributes

  6. Nicely written but it can be better.

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