Glowing mind

Glowing mind

A writer’s mind is like a glowing bulb,

Electrified by what it feels,

If it feels, thoughts flow like a river Nile,

With a tool of silence, they are mine.

In simple words, it comes alive,

After which it leaves a parting gift,

Imaginations, that thrills the mind;

Faring far and wide.

In quest for every bright idea,

A reader’s mind is puzzle by words,

Until the fog, clouding every thought is clear,

The reader tails till the end,

All cottons unveil.

8 thoughts on “Glowing mind” by Inomah, Charles (@inomah)

  1. wow, what can be more on point? you killed this one bro… i really enjoyed this short poem

    All cottons [CURTAINS?]unveil….

    1. @Xikay: Do u ever close ur eyes? I’m beginning to over like what u do. Well done

  2. Short and to the point, melikey too.

  3. Terse and spot on!!!

  4. “…Puzzle[d] by words”. Describing a writers would prove inexhaustive, but you did a fine job with this, well done.

  5. Nice stuff. Just that sometimes what we see after the curtain

  6. So sweet, well done.

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