Death: Who are you?

Death: Who are you?

It still seems like it was only yesterday that you came by. You came without looking at many faces & so many hearts. You were inconsiderate and insensitive. You did not think about the aftermath of your ruthless visits. When the heart stopped beating, in a bit, it seemed like light turned into darkness. In the midst of the cries, sniffing, tantrums, hopelessness & more, you could care less. You just brushed in and out. How cruel you are! Death, who are you? You are just inevitable.

Eventually, everyone must embrace you by choice or not. Doesn’t your belly get full? Everyone now knows your stomach never gets full. Death, you are simply greedy. Time goes by so fast & when the wind blows, we remember the holes you made the last time you visited. Our hearts are forever void. Thanks to you, Death!

You pay no attention to age. You pay no attention to beauty. You pay no attention to innocence. You pay no attention to kindness of the hearts. You pay no attention to wealth. You simply pay no attention. You focus on your targets &, brush in & out.You are just who you are. Callous!!! You are nobody’s friend. And take as you please.

If only you can stop for a moment and reconsider.

If death was up to me, there would be no place for you in our lives. I do believe that the end of a life does not really mean death. Death is not an end. Life & death are parts of cosmic balance. Death is the beginning of life still, it does make me wonder who you are.

9 thoughts on “Death: Who are you?” by Nkem DenChukwu (@1chinelo)

  1. touching…hmmm…DEATH!

  2. Death….answer oh!!!

  3. DEATH….Who are you???

  4. lol@ all the previous comments…Nice musing, don’t we all wish to live forever…hmmmmm..
    Did you consider using “breeze” instead of “brush”?

  5. Death is simply death; definitely nobody’s friend or relative. @ Mercy Ilevbare: Who wishes to live forever? I know I do not. I pray to live as long as God intends. Btw – I actually did not consider using “breeze,” I chose “brush.”

    1. Oh no!! Now u are making me feel greedy…he he he he. I know I cannot live forever, but nobody likes to think about death or dying..Like you have said and I agree, I will strive not only to live as long as God said I will, but also live as well as He said I should.. Nice and deep musing again..well done!

    2. i really do think BREEZE should impeach BRUSH in this piece

  6. @ Mercy: My apologies. It was not my intention to make you feel greedy. Thanks for reading & commenting on my notes.

  7. Death. I think it does take some getting used to but when you consider that its been around since forever and will be here till Jesus locks him up…you wonder why we still trip/freak out.

    Nice…interesting prose.

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