Dear Governor

Dear Governor

Dear Governor,

Elections are here again and I plan to re-elect you. You were not my man in the last elections but I voted for you anyway because I just didn’t want the umbrella brigade to take over. They have shown me time and time again that the national brolly is only for ‘dem, dem’ when the rains come. I watched you debate on TV in 2007 and you didn’t really have much to say unlike some of the other eloquent aspirants, who have since gone underground, or crossed carpets since the elections.

I am not one for praise singing but to your credit, so far so good, you have proved that action truly speaks louder than words. You dived into some really ‘dirty’ sectors of the state, broom in hand and literally did some of the ‘sweeping’ yourself. I don’t know if tales of you making dramatic appearances at project sites for unscheduled inspections and evaluations were fact or fiction but I do know that they sustained the grapevine for months. I remember hearing that you even ride around on a power bike to some of these inspections. Hmm, Mr Governor likes the adrenaline rush too eh?  I digress.

Seriously Governor, you are my man in this election and I will be going to the polls to gladly thumbprint beside your photograph. However, please don’t make me regret my decision this time around. I am quite a young man really but sadly, I grew up to see that inconsistency and the inability to follow through has been the bane of leadership and governance in this country. I discovered also that there’s plenty of politicking and defence of caucus interests that are never permanent to the detriment of what’s truly important. I (hopefully I speak on behalf of many more like me) must say that I am sick and tired of it all.

Sir, I hope that in your books and by your political ideology, it is not wrong to desire good governance and exemplary leadership. I hope that you are truly an agent of progressive change and that in your next term, you will not become so ‘busy’ that the wonderful work you have started begins to appear like a mere screensaver ploy and in turn make us your teeming fans of supporters and ‘un-aligned’ campaigners disappointed that we elected you again. It is a gimmick that public office holders have overused and although handing out Agege bread and amala works…Well, I just think it would be nice for Nigerian politicians to really think about Egypt and Tunisia once in a while.

Now that you have mainly focused on infrastructural development in your first four years, I am curious and interested in what you plan to do if I re-elect you for another term in office. I have heard so much about what you intend to do with that road that leads to ‘Smuggler’s Ville’ and it would really be nice to see the outcome this time around. Same goes for that major road that you intend to make six lanes. Sir, I’m not that smart but I think there’s still just one main entrance and exit into that part of the state ( I meant by road sir) and as much as shylock landlords in the metropolis want us to move to that part of town, the traffic situation is so discouraging.

I know the you are already having a serious issue with the toll gate, so I am not going to say anything about it but obviously we don’t only have ‘rascals’ in politics in this part of the country. What about job creation sir? And I’m not talking about sweeping roads and planting flowers. Don’t get me wrong sir, these are very honest and hardworking people but we can’t all be sweepers…I think. What about housing? Can we look forward to ‘affordable’ housing in this dispensation? I hope I’m not asking for too much altogether sir?

On a lighter note sir, who has been Manchester United’s MVP this season?

20 thoughts on “Dear Governor” by dwisebaba (@dwise4life)

  1. Nnenna-Ihebom (@Nnenna-Ihebom)

    dwisebaba, this is a nice epistolary story about a performing governor. Hope he does not disappoint this time, but i believe that he deserves another chance. I enjoyed your style of narration and simple diction. The humour is also well-placed. kudos and good luck.

    1. Thank you ma’am.
      I concur with your thoughts on the governor in question.

  2. I liked this, think you should send it to and i agree we cant all be sweepers…

    1. I’ll send it pronto!
      Thank you.


    1. Exactly…..Same here…

    2. LOL!@Governor Amaechi.
      The Vote Chronicles is for the ‘Heavies’, let them slug it out while I’m rooting from the bleachers.
      Thank you!

      1. That is not a very right way to think dwisebaba. Who say you can’t slug it out at the chronicles too, and who are the so lled heavies? with a musing like this, I think you are a heavy too!

  4. Fred Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)

    Nice read. But can understand how it would/could have broken contest rules for no political commentary. I like your style. Keep it up.

    1. @political commentary.Those were my thoughts as well
      Thank you

  5. Emmanuella Nduonofit (@Emmanuella-Nduonofit)

    In musings, one is more than free to mis-write sometimes, which means one rambles. @Dwise4life, your outpouring is very understandable. My mind went straight to Fashola and I guess I’m right on that. I don’t care if I’m wrong on that too, hm? Musings of such magnitude makes us better writers of fiction, you know. This penning-down was superb, well done!

    If I were to cry out like you did here, my tongue would be that of a snake’s. You gave little flickers of hope here, which is not bad at all. That is how the situation in Nigeria has made us become: So much salvation, yet none saved. My own bitterness would know no grounds at all, my dear. The situation in Nigeria is solvable, yet stubbornly unsolved. Well, what can’t be changed must be endured, right? This turns our hearts to granite… :(

    1. I would really like to read your outpouring because it already seems like you have begun to write it already.
      Thank you Emmanuella

  6. power bike to inspect site?that must be a worthy governor.i would have love you to expatiate on the fact that even as a governor,he is sometimes conditioned to compromise standards on the call of his godfather.that is still a challenge in our poltics no matter how hardworking u may be..i wished your story had made the list.well done!

    1. Worthy gov’nor indeed.
      Sadly, the ‘Godfather phenomenon’ is still the bane of politics in this part of the world.
      Thank you!

  7. Dear Governor, we have agreed to re-elect you, but be sure that we will not smile and keep quiet if you fail to deliver.

  8. Chioma (@nutritionalert)

    Dear Governor, I never elected you in the first place, no wonder you performed horribly in the past 4years.

    Now you seek a re-election, I wish that I could vote for you this time and then let my mouth run without my concience shutting it.

    Maybe you never needed my vote then and even now, so I was denied registration, voting and running my mouth.

    Don’t worry about figuring out which Governor.

    1. LOL! Believe me, there are too many of them for me to want to try.
      Thanks for reading.

  9. This is good musing dwisebaba. I coomend you on the hope you still have in these people.Me, I stopped seeing the big picture a long time ago.

    Well done!!!

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