Weep not…

Weep not…

Yes I will be miles away but listen,

“Thy heart shall ever remain mine, and mine thys”

Is it not I who dream of thee every night?

And thee told I, “ours is everlasting”

Trust thy dreams darling,

Surely they lead to that daily dreamt day,

when I shall marry thee…

But me going away now is difficult,

trust “I” however,

I shall not let thy tears drop in vain,

so weep not.


12 thoughts on “Weep not…” by Mustapha Nasiru (@teboy)

  1. Hmm, weep not is kinda hot. The battle to defeat distance can’t be any better… This wonderful piece should do u some good, otherwise, e no easy o! Nice work, so weep not, u have so many nights to fight.

  2. i liked it for its comical murder of English mannerisms…well done….WELL SINCE ITS A VERY INFORMAL POEM, I’LL SAY NOTHING ABOUT SHORTCOMINGS…

    1. Comical MURDER of English mannerisms? What did u call it again?! Xikay, u and Pastor Okotie relate? Hmm, lolz!

      1. well me and Pastor okotie are from the South-South…enough relations?

  3. Fred Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)

    Nice one. Would you had done more research on the old English words and used more of them across-board. Love the flow. keep them coming

    1. thank you, next time i will make the research :)

  4. guys, although i don’t know what its all about, this should be the anthem of the NS Forum called “Is It By Force To Write?” wetin una think? @Mustapha, thou is a craze man. LWTMB

    1. Thankks for the comment anyways!

  5. @neo-lite, dittoest thou on the anthem for the NS forum. But you and @xikay get one bad sense of humour. Still laughing at your comments.

    For those who studied English, A Lover’s Farewell might sound familiar.

    But I really enjoyed the poem. How emotional we can get when someone’s travelling. Love how you portrayed the fake promises before he goes and marries someone else.

    1. lol you said it right

    2. A Lover’s Farewell was one hell of a good poem.

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