To Dad. Wherever he is.

To Dad. Wherever he is.

The fear ‘n your face, that I may never get
your riddle, yet exposed the urge in your heart.
No healthier spring could nurture love’s floret.

‘Love, son’ you said, ‘is the ability
of someone to take someone else’s bullet’.
And that was the one thing you taught me,

the only thing that plays your undone part,
and that refreshes your echoing voice
in my small head. You paused. And then you start-

-ed again: ‘Grant the bullets but one choice;
the more the hit, the stronger you become.
It separates you, a real man, from boys.’

You went off, not recalling your proud plum,
and left me taking the bullets for mum.


16 thoughts on “To Dad. Wherever he is.” by Adewale S. (@sailzeals)

  1. Wherever he is, he’d be glad his actions inspired u to write this! Nice job…

  2. so touching…

  3. -4rand6- Let’s hope so. His actions weren’t very good, were they?
    -Iroegbu- Thanks!
    -Idoko- Thanks for reading…we all have stories to tell…don’t we?

    1. Common, they inspired u to do something good.

  4. Really touching. I like your scribbles.

  5. I thought this was portraying the dad in good light, but ur reply to 4ran6 makes me think otherwise. Nice poem by the way.

  6. Title reminded me of Dolly Parton’s To Daddy. Very nice one. The last line was quite too. Really enjoyed reading this. Nice write.

  7. @nice one bro, u spoke for me too

  8. Thanks for stopping by, y’all!

  9. I ditto @scopeman60. Still, touching lines…

  10. Touching, in a kinda sad way though…..

    well done!!!

  11. Like I commented on Facebook, this is touching and truly illustrated my story

    1. your story? will you like to share that story with us?

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