This Election Day

This Election Day

LALAM: My friend, what are you doing here?

UDAMA: I have bothered myself a lot about government not doing its job. Maybe it is time I bothered myself with doing my job.

LALAM: Really, don’t tell me you have started yet another business.

UDAMA: No, not something serious. Only that our boss tied this month’s salary to workers’ possession of voter’s card.

LALAM: So what! Don’t tell me you haven’t got yours yet.

UDAMA: Trust me now, with all the noise in the air. I have got two in the kitty.

LALAM: Two? What for? Didn’t you hear that double registrants will be identified and punished?

UDAMA: Punish? Who? Some people have about seven or eight voters’ card and for your information, it is going to be a money spinner in this period. Election dividends, you know.

LALAM: I take it that you are one of those messing up the polity!

UDAMA: Me, your friend of many years? No, in fact if someone says this sort of thing, you should be the first to defend me.

LALAM: Why not? You’ve been a nice man all the while but I have never seen you vote in the last twenty years that I have known you.

UDAMA: And what makes you think I am going to vote this time? Not me O!

LALAM: Even with your possession of a voter’s card? Udama, you have to vote, 2011 is for real.

UDAMA:  (laughingly). Was there a time that the election wasn’t real? Didn’t you participate actively in ’93, ’99, 2003, 2007 and the 2008 bye-election in your State. Were the results a reflection of your choices?

LALAM: Well, not really. But you have to exercise your franchise this time. If not, then all your years of education will amount to nothing.

UDAMA: Lalam… let me tell you; my life more than any other thing, is of paramount importance. My family needs me badly. That is why I had to do extra-curricular work to make up for family provisions. I can’t become a news item because of election.

Election Blues

10 die in queue, trying to vote”.

Only for my wife to be unjustly widowed with the challenge of five disfathered children. I only registered to secure my wages.

LALAM: Not your future!

UDAMA: Which future? Did you ever hear that a governor’s child was a casualty in the recent bombings or that a serving legislature was shot while going about his business?

LALAM: There are cases of kidnaps and assassination attempts (which were political). Even religious leaders aren’t spared.

UDAMA: Yes, because they weren’t minding their job. Pastors and Imams are in concert with poli-thief-icians.  Live and let live.

LALAM: So, you are inadvertently saying we should allow the present crop of men to continue to direct our state affairs? I am highly disappointed in you.

UDAMA: You are at liberty to feel disappointed. But I promise that I will not adopt any of your children in the event that you get voted by some stray bullets or by machetes. The best I can do is pray for a good leader to emerge.

LALAM: And voila! A good leader would just emerge? Why not sit at home and pray for money without going to work? Keep praying. Listen my friend, every good change the world has ever seen, was championed by men. Not men who just sat at home but men who stood and fought the best way they could. Whether your vote counts or not, you have done your job by voting. Vote!



10 thoughts on “This Election Day” by writefight (@writefight)

  1. Lol at “Why not sit at home and pray for money without going to work?” and “poli-thief-icians” Bros, the issues you raised are very important ones. What are we willing to sacrifice in the name of making democracy a reality? If we are not ready to make any sacrifices, can we really expect change? Sad to say, since I am the only child of my mama, I am still sitting on the fence.

  2. Poli-thief-cians, very creative word. I love the story and the message. Nice write.

  3. Bro, I wish you hadn’t delivered this message in a drama format. You should have awed us with a creative story. (Abi no be you dey write those good stories wey I read on this site before? Anyhow shaa, it’s very suitable for a radio programme. *winks*

  4. WELL, DRAMA OR NOT, THIS WORKED FOR ME BIG TIME…THE DIALOGUE IS THE STRENGHT OF THE PIECE AND A STORY IN THIS LINE WILL TAKE A LONG ROPE TO PULL IN….@WRITEFIGHT, WELL DONE SIRE..That is why I had to do extra-curricular work to make up for family provisions. I can’t become a news item because of election.

  5. lol @ Election Blues, well done Writefight.

  6. @yejide, fence ke? those with parents are damn lucky,because atimes they enjoy the privilege of ‘indecision’…but 4 the purpose of this elections,i am on bended knees.I say, vote!
    @jaywriter,xikay and scopeman,am happy you enjoyed it.
    @ koboko: that is what happens when you try to make a ‘unique’ entry. Thank you for stoping over

  7. This is a good one.Would have loved it in a short story format anyway, with good descriptions  witty language…..maybe that’s just me sha. There was a place that the years if their friendship was inconsistent, one said nine years, the ither twenty.

    Well done!!!

  8. I like this. Very engaging.

  9. I liked your coinage- poli-thief-cians, you also broached the issues plaguing our electoral system- multiple voters card- e.t.c, that was good too but the play format for me required reading over and over again, good one all the same.

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