Stolen manuscript(Epilogue)

Stolen manuscript(Epilogue)

He covered his nose with a thick handkerchief so that he didn’t feel the dizzying effect of the gas. The DPO inhaled some gas, his head slumps on the backrest of the chair. Chucks went quickly to the door and locked it from behind with a key. Then went tot the DPO’s desk and took the marble where the DPO’s name and rank was inscribed. He didn’t like what he was going to do, but there was much time for him to start regretting his actions, he brought down the heavy object on the DPO’s head and blood came out from his ear as he sank deeper into the seat.

As he pulled off the DPO’s uniform, he looks around to see if there was anything of importance which could come handy. He saw the gun inside the drawer and some new naira notes. He quickly changed into the DPO’s uniform then puts the money into his pocket and the .45 barrel gun into the inside pocket of the jacket over uniform.

He took the body into the toilet and not else mattered to him but his escape from the the police nest. After locking the toilet behind him, he went to the door and opened slightly to see if anyone was standing along the corridor. He was happy he remembered to take into cognizance the way the DPO walked, and he imitates him as he quickly walked out of the office. The officers at the counter had dozed off. It was past ten. He walked past them without anyone noticing him to where the DPO’s marked police jeep was parked.It was dark outside and even the police driver did not recognize as he salutes and opened the rear door for Chucks who quickly stepped in and sat down.

“Where are we heading sir?” He asked. He was wondering why the DPO still had is cap on while sitting in the car. That was unusual of him. He usually removes his cap as soon as he enters into the car.

“Home” Chucks answered making sure that his voice was croaked just way the DPO’s voice sounds.

The driver was thinking, something has to be wrong with the DPO. He doesn’t go home straight from work, at other times he would first go out, take some drinks and flirt with the club girls before going home, which most time is not earlier than twelve.

Soon he was driving out of the police station towards Western Avenue to the DPO’s official residence. The house is about fifteen minutes drive from the office. At the last street before they got to western avenue Chucks stopped him. He had been thinking of the best time to act. The road they were driving was deserted, they hadn’t met any car in the past five minutes.

“I am pressed”

The driver quickly stopped the car and parked beside the road. Then Chucks came out of the jeep before the driver who was used to opening the door for his boss. He felt the gun in his pocket and as he turned his back to the driver, he brought the gun out quickly. Just then,the driver came to his side, he was worried about the DPO, something seemed to be bothering him.

He didn’t get to find out what it was. A loud bang came from the gun Chucks was holding. He never missed a shot. Hot smoke came out of the barrel and he wipe it as the driver fell to the ground in a heap.Chucks walked quickly to the driver’s side of the jeep and soon was driving off, leaving the body of the driver on the ground.

He wasn’t sure where he was going to, but he has to get out of the town as fast as he could. He turned on the radio hoping there might be news of his escape, but there was nothing. Maybe the DPO’s body had not been discovered. It may be seen until the next morning. Thoughts of freedom kept him going.

He added the five thousand naira in the safe compartment of the jeep to the money already in his pocket. He was worried about being in a police uniform. If he stay unnoticed then there must be a way to dispose the uniform, he only needed the uniform to escape from the police barracks. Some boutiques would still be opened where he can purchase some clothes for his change.

After driving around Okoko, he found a boutique, they were just about locking up when he went in. He checked himself to be sure that there wasn’t blood stains on him as he walked into the shop. A lady greeted him.

“Good evening officer, hope we are save?”

“Don’t officers wear clothes from the boutiques?” He joked.

“Why, sure sir. We were just about closing. But if you tell me what you want and your size I will quickly check to see if we have it”.

“A tee shirt and jeans. Extra large for the tee shirt and 38 for jeans. He told the lady and walks quickly to the section where men clothes were kept. “Which color do you prefer sir?”

“Black shirt and blue jeans” Chucks answered. Thinking a black tee shirt doesn’t attract the way white does.

After waiting for about five minutes she got his size. He didn’t bother checking to see if it would size him. He paid the lady and left the shop. He drives a short distance and parked along a bush path. He went into the bush and removed the police uniform, he changed into his new clothes then walked through a bush path to another road, he left the police jeep, it was no longer safe, going about in it.

He waited for a taxi for about five minutes, then a car parked beside him. He was afraid, he thought the police had caught up with him, but to his surprise a female voice called out to him “Hey Chucks”.

Though they haven’t seen for some years, he recognized the voice even before she rolled door the window.

“Angela it’s you, what are you doing here?”

“Common hop in” She answered ” We don’t have much time to waste here”. He entered the Lexus not knowing his reason, but that was the only thing he could think of doing at that time, she may help him to escape.

“Chucks what have been happening with you? All these stories about you, are they true?” she asked as the speedometer went to 80. She drives like a mad woman.

“It depends on what the things you heard” Chucks replied. “But whatever you heard is not important as my getting out of this town fast as fast as possible”.

“Where do you have in mind?” she steps harder on the pedal and Chucks put on the seat belt.

“I don’t have a particular place in mind for now I just want to get out of town. I just escaped from the police after killing the DPO and his driver. I really can tell you all about it now”.

“My place is safe for now, at least for now” She emphasized the for now. “My place is guarded well. No one will know you are there as long as you are there. But you can’t be there for too long. I am married to a senior military officer who is hardly at home. He just went on a journey last this morning and wont be back for a month.”

“What about the guards in the house?”

“They don’t question the wife of the master of the house” She stepped on the break, then took the road leading outside the town.

Chucks wasn’t sure if going with her was the best thing to do, but he seemed not to have a choice.

“Are you sure you want to get involved in this?” He asked her

“Oho! Chucks never mind. If I thought I won’t be able to handle it, then I wouldn’t commit myself into it” She stole a quick look at him. He was listening. “You know Chucks, I have missed you all this years. Seeing you is like reviving a dead soul. I have never known happiness since I married my husband. It is slavery married to a man that is always away and you have to stay until returns even if it takes years”

Chucks was taken aback, he thought Angela would have forgotten about him after all these years. Now he knows she truly loved him. He thought of his life with Florence, it was like like slavery too.

They talked while she drives for almost two hours before arriving at the villa where she lived. It was around four in the morning when he introduced Chucks to the guards. He told them that Chucks was a cousin to her husband and that he would be staying with until his brother returned from his journey on a peace mission that will last for a month.

Everyday they play, eat, drink and make love. That was all they do and that was all that mattered to Angela, being in the arms of the man she had always loved. They planned how to get away from the town with military officer’s money that was kept in the house. Over a million naira that was kept in a safe in his bedroom. They moved the money into a big traveling bag with some clothes.

They have just one night to spend in the mansion before finding there way out to freedom. Freedom for her and freedom for him. For him, its freedom from from police and the law, but for its a freedom from her husband. Unknown to them, every sin must be punished and no sinner ever goes unpunished. Punishment only varies by time and how it takes place, but it surely comes. Theirs came on this fateful night when the owner of the house returns. Just like the thief in the night he caught them right in the act.

What Angela know is that, the officer had instructed that his wife never be questioned by the guards regardless of whatever she did. But what she didn’t know is that they had also been instructed to be watchful, and give feedback to the boss about any stranger that comes to the villa. The general who was due to return from his trip in a week time was informed about a stranger living in his house. He returns home that night.

He didn’t give them the opportunity of escaping or confessing their sins. He ended their lives with two shots from a shotgun. The first at Chucks as the made to jump off the bed while the second caught Angela beneath her heart. They died holding each other.

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  1. Um…I noticed some errors while reading. Don’t have enough time now, so I’ll come back later. But so U know, U don’t say ‘.45 barrel gun’. It is a ‘.45 caliber pistol’.
    Hasta Lavista…I’ll be back.

  2. @charles, you always have the story but apart from typos, the tense always chokes the life out of your very intriguing stories…try avoiding the present perfect for a while bro…

    well done…our own James Hadley

  3. This is a good story, but it could have been way better. Like @xikay said, Ur errors are mostly tensular. Stick to one tense throughout Ur story. It appears as thugh U just blitzed through the story.
    Also, the last part of the story seemed rushed to me. Pace Urself when writing. U need to know when to slow down, and when to turn up the notch.
    Good writing, but work more on this stuff. Don’t rush to get your work published; let it sit for a while; let the dust of Ur words settle in Ur mind and on the pages of Ur manuscript. Then revisit the story with a fresh eye, cut all cuttables, and add only things that will add value. You’ll be surprised at what U will remove, and stuf U will add. And in the end, Ur manuscript will be better for the effort.
    Good job once again, but this can be so much better…

  4. @Raymond, oops! Thanks for the correction about caliber and barrel, guess I must be very poor in English, maybe that’s why none of my many books are yet to be published, lol! @ Xikay, thanks bro, appreciate all the corrections. Great weekend guys!!!

  5. @charles, you will get published….you know what, get tight with @raymond, frankly…he can be your editor…seriously brova

    1. @xikay, U are BIGGING my head now oh!!! Wow…I am flattered….Thanks for the impression U have about me…

  6. i must confess that this story is SUPERB. I love it.
    but try and settle down in order to let the DUST OF WRITING calm down.
    once again WELLDONE. Keep it up as WE strive to win the NOBLE award in literature.

  7. Nicely written I must say, but the ending appeared too sudden. Argh….just a bullet took the life of someone who killed d DPO and the driver. I expected a brutal death like firing square and all. It’s still good anyway.

  8. The other guys have noted the errors. Work on them. The beginning and ending was good. But the middle, from their meeting, was not so good.

    Keep writing. I love the effort.

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