NS Ramblings4: Of wR-Bees and Tees

NS Ramblings4: Of wR-Bees and Tees

as the sun goes down,  i sit with my pen

in the gloomy darkness of my den

there in the pot is the ink

all that’s left is for me to think

so here i am alone at the table

my thoughts shaky and unstable

my sharpened nib itches to write

and the paper before me  is white


the nib has been to the ink

and the ink it did greedily drink

yet the paper remains white

only the widening stain is its blight


i pray thee tell, shall i write of flowers

that withers with the death of hours

or of men who care not for their kind

and brew wines of evil in their mind


i search and find not, so i wait

while my mind tries to create

outside, the sun is climbing up again

and still i hold my pen in vain…



its just a matter Of R-Bees and Tees [BREAK THE CODE]


18 thoughts on “NS Ramblings4: Of wR-Bees and Tees” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. fine poem bro. The end, is that a trick question???

  2. @scopeman60, yeah it is what is the meaning of R-Bees and Tees
    @idoko, thanks man

  3. Overloved the rhymes in this to be bothered about breaking any code…..​​​​‎​=))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=))

    Methinks it could be about Ψσυ struggling with writer’s block or something.

    Well done!!!

  4. @opeyemi, your sensors are working overtime, thanks man…

  5. This poem clearly shows that writer block is just an excuse for a lazy writer, ahaha. Why do I say that? Well, when a writer has writer’s block, all he or she has to do is to write about it, that way, s/he won’t have writer’s block anymore, lol…u get? Lovely poem by the way!

    Side note: It’s funny though that we sometimes think too much, instead of like actually doing. His paper would no longer be white if he was actually writing down his thoughts, as in:

    “pray thee tell, shall i write of flowers

    that withers with the death of hours

    or of men who care not for their kind

    and brew wines of evil in their mind”

    Just a thought I have! It’s somewhat funny!

  6. @ayokunle, know why i like you?, you actually REaAD and LOOK at the poems…thanks

    1. Hmm, hope say no be bait you dey put for me when you write REaAD! I see am, lol. But anyways, it’s only fair that I truly read the poems and understand them if I feel like commenting. It’s a necessity!

  7. Your adamant determination to rhyme go ‘killu’ u one day, o, @Xikay! I ditto @Aryor on this one as well, hm? And please, please, please, the last thing I want to hear is someone undergoing through the same situation as me, biko!!! Literary inertia???? Please prove me wrong, ok? Thank you. I’ll bite my own tongue and slap my own face, hm? :) @Xikay, I have ‘successfully’ done my renunciation on trial-and-error basis via the Screen and Scriptwriter section. Go check it out, hm, and tell me what you think, ok? ;)

  8. @emmanuella, right away ma’am …THANKS….the poem is for all the NS people who are experiencing WRITER”S BLOCK and those bedeviled with TYPOS as @aryo noted on this piece…it comes and should be shrugged off
    @ayokunle abi na @aryor, i’d be disappointed if you did not see anything here…i love people like you….not just pass and make a one WORD comment, Nice, good, cute…talk…THANKS

  9. Wetin again u want make I talk?

  10. @raymond, talk wetin dey your mind…

  11. Maybe writers could ramble their way to classics. Samuel Beckett did. Good stuff. Don’t know where @paul is. Wanna set a poetry exam for you two.

    1. you can bring it on @jaywriter. we are up to the task

  12. Tot I’ve hear those lines smwhere b4, yes yes I remnba…..its in in…!!!! Chek ma nxt comment :)

    1. i cant see any next comment o! O_O

  13. Evry write up; word, poem, prose, u name it, is a copy, so is urs, for before evry write is pressed or composed on to paper, it has been written in the earth,wind,fire,water #elements dat make up life..#nice one….,,,,#nuff sed

    1. ha ha ha, you are one mysterious heck of a dude. me like your cloaked style sha. well done and thanks

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