My Encounter With The Lion And The Boar

My Encounter With The Lion And The Boar

I was sitting at the bottom of the hill trying to get use to the weather of the new town. It feels good to have cool air on my body. The heat inside the house was unbearable. I still regret not coming with my walk-man, I should be enjoying music while sitting in a place like this. Music is one thing that really keeps me going. Maybe my family is another thing which keeps me going but they can become boring too, but music never gets boring.

From what I heard from the other tourists, the hill had not yet been explored. It was in a small town, somewhere along the Atlantic. I was told that the people of the town don’t go near the hills because it was a sacred place. And for centuries the hills were not explored, not even has a white man been up there.

I think there are other folk-tales about the town apart from the hill. I remember hearing two people talking about some of the folk-tales of the town. It was the afternoon we came in, and I was walking around sight-seeing, we have been particularly warned about moving around the town at night because of wild animals. But what interest me in their discussion is the link between a mating lion and sun shining during rainfall.

“It’s because of the rain” One man in native kind of attire said to the other, they stand by the road.
“I understand” The other answered, took a look at me, and then continues. “You know this afternoon rain was very heavy”
“Yes, and sun was out too” The other added
“That means we may be having an additional lion born today”
“That’s true. That reminds me, I need to tell these kids not to go out playing ball this evening” And they left.

I didn’t understand what it was all about. Until I passed by some children playing te-te, a local children play.

“Do you know that a lion has been given birth to” I heard a boy say. He was the tallest in the group.
“I should be going home then, lions are dangerous” One of the girls say as she stands up to leave. Then another one asked.”How would you know that for real?”

“Because when it rains and the sun shines at the same time, then a lion is mating” The first boy that spoke said.

As I sit thinking about all what I heard and the possible development of a good story for my editor, I wrapped some skunk leaves and lit. I looked up and saw birds flying from one tree to the other, and crickets singing in the woods, it was the best form of inspiration I needed.

I let smoke into my lungs, inhaling deeply before letting it out. I was thinking of what to write about, but I was unable to think up a good story. It was one of my unusual uninspiring days. I sighed as I noticed that the smoke light was off, and then strikes another match box to put it on. Now I am getting really high, and I smile as ideas starts to flow in like visions. I still don’t understand why the so many fusses about weeds, until people discover the glorious feeling of being high on weeds, they won’t ever get to know how good it is. I smiled at the misinformation!

To enable my imagination get better I decided to go further into the hills; maybe I may pick up more things of interest. And so I walked on with notepad in my pocket, holding my marijuana and puffing as I walked. I soon get to a part of the hill that was much colder where I was coming from. I noticed a big stone, I thought it would be a good place to sit and relax. Just I was about to sit down, I saw a hanging lake a distance way. I walked to the hanging lake. The water looks like it will be hot. I didn’t touch it, I don’t know how to swim and it’s not adventure I plan dabbling into.

From what I was told, no one had been up the hill that means the lake has not been discovered. I smiled as I thought of being named after the lake. The name Lake Dave crept to my mind, why not, I thought. I am the first to discover it, I should be given the credit.

The camcorder’s lens pushed out as I pressed the button. I took shots after shots of the lake, taking a few notes into my pad as I did. I was not in hurry to leave not after my discovery. This will give my editor so much to work on, I thought as I scribbled down a note. It was getting to seven at night and it seems it would be a longer night. It was becoming interesting than I thought.

You know, when my editor informed me of this journey. He insisted I should come back with a good story. Now I have a good story. I smiled at the thought of the mating lion. Hmm! When it rains and the sun shines, then a lion is mating, I laughed.

I wrapped my second smoke and sits back a while. I need to think over everything I had seen. I did a quick summary, writing a paraphrase of the story. It was becoming very dark and there was no light with me. After dragging in my last smoke, I stood, adjust the lens of the camcorder again, turning on the flash so that I could capture images clearly.

As I focused the camera on the lake, this time something appeared on the screen of the camcorder that looks like a boar, about the length of a grown man. I quickly shut down the camera, and looked into the lake to see if there was anything in there. I didn’t see anything, and thought maybe it was because I was staying a distance away from the lake. And it could also be that I just imagined the boar. I checked the memory of the camera to be sure that the picture of the boar was not in error, you know how funny computers can behave a times.

After checking the memory of the camera and I was convinced that the image didn’t appear from the memory, I turn the camera on again, and believe it, and the same picture appeared on the lens. This time I became afraid. Then I heard the roaring noise of a lion. I looked up, across the lake, not far from where I was standing stands a lion! It was of mixed colors. It starred at me daringly, then roared. I heard a hissing sound from the tree above me where I was standing and looked up.

A black boar about the size of a grown man was up there trying to slip out of the branch. The camcorder had picked the picture all these while when I didn’t see it. That was all I needed to see. The boar slipped down the tree as I started running. I ran very fast, I didn’t know I was good at it. I was running back the direction I came from, I didn’t care if I fell down or if something hits me. I didn’t care about going back with a good story for my editor, all I cared about was my safety, nothing else.

I heard the lion roared again and again, but didn’t bother to look behind to see what was happening. Now I am breathing heavy, wondering if I was going to make. Then something held my leg to the ground, I screamed and tried to get myself off the ground. My mouth was moving, but no sound came out of it. Then I woke up.

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  1. um, this didn’t quite work for me; several typos and errors, the whole piece seems to lack proper co-ordination. Perhaps a rewrite would present this better.

  2. I didn’t really get what the story is about. But that’s the problem with making a dream the main part of a story; dreams don’t have to make sense or have any theme, and that can make them harder to relate to.

  3. Tense confusion, typos… I suggest you re-work this piece and try to read your works over and over before you post. It helps.

  4. its just all about the TYPOS…you have a wide imagination…make something of it…WELL DONE

  5. @Scopeman: Thanks for the advice, @Tola: hmm, I see, @Remi, thanks for the advice and Xikay, I will do my best, thanks all.

  6. Truthfully, the first few lines made me cringe. I had to skip lines, but that didn’t help.
    They’ve said all that needs to be said. Heed their words.

  7. Enough has been said.i must applaud your imagination, if only you can order/write them aright.

    Well done!!!

  8. Nice try. Try another genre of prose and see what happens.

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