Making or not making choices

Making or not making choices


If I had scoffed at seeing this essay topic the day I saw the advertorial on the internet, it was my choice and if I did stop by to give contesting nothing but a thought it was my choice too. If I went ahead to write it and then submit as it is, it is also my choice. So every minute of our life is full of making and unmaking choices. Perhaps, I would say the only power we have in life is choice. Whether or not I made the choice of writing this article bearing the prize in mind as incentive or damning consequence of not winning at all, choices made in life are risky. In fact, not making one at all is a choice in itself.

To those who think there are no choices in life, that life is full of cards nature places in our hands and that our choices in life doesn’t really count in the face of fate, I would say we still have a choice to accept or reject whatever destiny has to offer. But then, what happens when we seem not to have a choice to accept or reject what has not being offered, like we can’t choose our parents, birthdays, nationality as oppose to choosing friends and partners? That brings me to the tipping point that choice only appears nonexistent in a world devoid of options. As a matter of fact, when it seems we have no choice, we are still enveloped in choices made for us, like those by parents, bosses and policy makers. Therefore not actively making a choice doesn’t immune one from choices made without his permission. Hence, when we think we don’t have choice, choice still has us.

Consequently, any chance at choosing is worth making right especially when it hasn’t being made for one. This brings me to my experience how I chose to study medicine. That I ran my pensioner Dad’s pharmacy shop at the age of ten, became the health boy of my primary school, won the best prizes in Physical Health Education at Junior School, became a W.H.O.N Peer Health Educator as at SS2, always came best in Biology and even discovered the sound of the heartbeat as ‘bohbup’ six months to my matriculation could only suggest that I was cut out for something ‘health’ in future. Like many things influence our decisions making in life, all of these didn’t just fate me for Medicine in particular. I had to choose and I wasn’t chosen for. In fact, when the choice wasn’t granted for my U.M.E Score, I had to resit the exam, waiting two years to see my choice come alive.

Even when the cut off didn’t make the federal school at heart, I had to change to a state school where I had preference. When the six year course lengthened to a decade partly to snailing curriculum and three cumulative years of ASUU incessant strike, I had to stick to my choice. Now I have two months to go. Through thin or thick, a choice is worth respecting.

Choice, whether right or wrong, it’s left for the end to say. Though, great future occasionally come from irrational choices, when we have a chance at choosing for a carrier, a life partner or for political office among others, one should be rational. Nevertheless, it should come from ones heart, for there’s no limit to the power of a choice made from ones heart as an ancient arab proverb says, “throw your heart in front of you and run after it”

12 thoughts on “Making or not making choices” by Olusola (@bohbup)

  1. Nice one. Now, it’s a choice on who to vote for I guess. Enjoyed reading this.

  2. A non fiction approach to the competition…..not a bad effort sha.

    As an aside, are you sure you are not schooling in OOU. Na there time no matter to us at all.I’m caught in the snarl too.

  3. Nice one.. particularly love the line “when we think we don’t have a choice, choice still has us.”

    Indeed, there’s always a choice. In a sense, there is no such thing as destiny….


  5. Make I visit my bed, would b here 2morrow…

  6. Hence, when we think we don’t have choice, choice still has us.
    My best line. All in all, good article. However, for me it started as a critical piece, then became something of an autobiography. That somewhat dampened it for me. Anyways, nice effort.

  7. Now this is an angle i wouldnt have looked at, a non-fiction piece. Good effort, read well but more like a story about you- still there is a message therein.

  8. Nnenna-Ihebom (@Nnenna-Ihebom)

    Nice philosophial piee that has a message for us all. kudos

  9. Nice piece, but I quite agree with Raymond, I think it started to be really self indulgent at some point, but it still is a fine piece.

  10. Thanks at all, better late than never! Just rem this

  11. Adanna Otuechere (@Ada123)

    Nice piece

  12. Thanks , Didn’t believe anyone would still drop by.

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