Well, School was only fun when we weren’t in class and more fun when we were in class with no teachers to trouble our already troubled minds. Government High School seemed large only when there was punishment to be served. For example, the football field isn’t the same size when you are playing in it as when you are told to cut the grass- it actually grew! I guess the main difference between this school and the one I came from is that in this one the staff lived-in.

Our principal had a cat named reincarnation, I found that odd. When I asked around as to the reason the cat had such a strange name, I was told that his first cat was name Carnation. On a fateful day, Carnation sneaked outside the school and lost all nine lives in a race with a lorry. Reincarnation was not going to make the same mistake Carnation made; he strutted around the school like a true ‘king of the jungle’. My biology teacher said lions and cats were in the same family, I didn’t understand that, so I stayed away from both, maybe the lion was the big brother and will appear only when the little brother (the cat) was maltreated.

In our school, there some things you had to learn to avoid on top of the list are Reincarnation and his master (the principal) next on the list is every senior student then angry teachers. The orchard was the only place you could feel completely safe, there were so many trees that I used to think it was the Garden of Eden and our classes the place where students were banished to when they ate the forbidden fruit.

The principal had an angel for a daughter, Agnes was her name. I used to daydream about her, on one occasion I dreamt that the principal’s house was burning and Agnes was trapped inside and no one will venture in to save her, but I (her knight is shining amour) dashed into the flames and rescued her, then went back the get something precious to her (a teddy, maybe) and perished in the fire. My only sadness was that Agnes didn’t seem to see me- no matter what I did! Agnes fancied only Darren, a ‘humble’ senior, it was said that his family is very rich and that he was the only child, I would have liked him had it not been that Agnes liked him.

At first, nothing in the whole school liked me, the cactus behind our hostel inclusive. Because I had more biscuits than any other thing, I started feeding my archenemy, the security man’s dog, Roger biscuits. In time he became my first love, the dog was to be my key to my place among the students. The violence of the dog was no news around the school, even Reincarnation knew when to stop strutting and start running.

One day, Roger got loose when his master was away. As he was perpetrating his terrorism, Agnes just happened to be coming into the school from the market. The dog wasn’t a gentleman, so he didn’t give two percents of nothing if his victim was a man, lady or other animals. On seeing her, he stopped chasing Reincarnation (he knew from experience that he couldn’t catch the cat), and pursued the young woman. I wouldn’t miss this opportunity for anything on Earth, so I rushed after the dog (I had been quiet all along because I wanted the dog to kill the impudent cat).

The dog had almost gotten her when I caught what was left of his chain, on noticing that he was being held back from his prey the dog turned around. For a moment I thought I had brought him under control, but before I could ask Agnes if she was alright the dog was upon me. If you think Jesse Owens was fast, you should have seen my attempt at escaping Roger. Next thing I knew I was on my back flat in a gutter, my life flashed before me; it is no use trying to imagine what Roger will do with me. Everyone was laughing; Roger must have thought I was too filthy to be bitten so he ignored me and went after some other worthy prey.

By this time embarrassment was nothing new to me, so falling into the gutter was just ‘one of those things’ to me. The only embarrassment I felt that day was the fact that, Agnes! Agnes of all people found it funny that I fell into the gutter trying to save her. That was probably the first time Agnes ever noticed me and it was in such embarrassing situation! Why can’t life at least pretend to be fair?

7 thoughts on “Arrival” by Iroegbu (@iiroegbu)

  1. should pretend to be fair? well may be now that agnes has noticed you, things can change..
    nice story iroegbu, enjoyed it.

  2. Funny story, but the errors took most of the fun out of it. Check Ur grammar, ur spellings, ur tenses…check everything. Rewrite this story.

  3. I think that the delivery was a bit haphazard. You were introducing many things at once in a piecemeal way; the school field, Reincarnation, Agnes, the dog, etc., and you weren’t trying to connect them so that the story felt cohesive.

    But the story was very amusing, especially the perception about how school fields appear bigger when you’re cutting the grass, and Reincarnation (shouldn’t he have been called ‘Recarnation’ instead of ‘Reincarnation’?). Well done.

  4. ha ha ha story was good, specially the humor…nice attempt…enjoyed it,…couldnt have been much better

  5. :) Love the tale though I must say that you had some of us in twists. Over here, I follow Tola. Perhaps, you did this in a rush or dumped it somewhere for there are some errors that really would reworking. The flow was hampered by some grammatical bumps that had some of us jerking on the journey of this read. I would advise that you work on harmonising the whole work and give us something that would appeal – even more than this. To offer editing on some lines ‘Everyone was laughing; Roger must have thought I was too filthy to be bitten so he ignored me and went after some other worthy prey.’ would read better as ‘Everyone was laughing. Roger must have thought me too filthy to be bitten for he ignored me and went in search of some other worthier prey.’ (Just my suggestion sha)
    Well done on the tale as a whole and more grease.

  6. i agree with Tola Odejayi.
    I really like

  7. Tanx to you all. To Raymond, Tola and Agema I really appreciate you suggestions. Agema, you write like a pro.

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