Will you take me like that?

Will you take me like that?

Will you take me like that?

I snore when I sleep;

and fart when I laugh hard…

I make crazy demands;

and pout when you ignore me.

I am touchy about my sensitivity…

yet stubborn about my wishes.

I like things being done my way…

and rarely like no for an answer.

I love criticizing others;

yet I rarely love being criticized.

I may not be what you want;

but I will make you happy.

I will make you laugh,

and be the closest friend you’ve ever had;

I won’t be shocked at your secrets,

no matter how shocking it may seem to you.

I will hold your hands and listen to your rants.

I will let you lean on my shoulder,

If you ever want to.

So will you take me like that?

Imperfections and all…

17 thoughts on “Will you take me like that?” by enoquin (@enoquin)

  1. enoquin…I like this.

  2. @enoquin, i love this…plain and direct without losing its essence as a poem…well done

  3. This is koro-koro truth.. If all lovers were as truthful as this before diving into a relationship, de world go better pass…

  4. @idoko, if everyone is this blatant about themselves…o boy nobody go enter relationship! on the other hand, lies and pretense is deadly

  5. LOL….I will certainly take you like that, if you remain this good with poetry, and honest too. Well written!

  6. Your spec no try oh. Good poem though with a clear message. Unfortunately, females too lie so you’ll hardly find such females. I like honest poems like yours. Keep writing.

  7. I will.
    I respect honesty.

  8. hmmm…snoring can be very difficult for me to take,but love could conquer that.
    gosh..nice poem. love this!

  9. @enoquin, surely you already know how good this is. Well done.

  10. @all: thanks. And for the ‘no specs’, don’t mind me, it could be either way but truthfully, i was writing from a male’s point of view. No offense guys, cause i know your potentials for snoring and farting is higher than that of the females….lol

    1. I so honestly disagree that you wrote this from a guy’s point of view…fail. First of all…how many guys are sensitive enough to explain their inadequacies to a girl and then ask to be accepted?! Not on this side of the world..and then guys don’t pout..even when their ignored. A guy does that…he’s either underage or gay.
      Nice effort…but please don’t excuse it on the guys. You spoil it that way.

  11. Hmm…Ok na!
    Nice piece U got here…

  12. @Seun:Okay maybe you are looking at it from one view. Guys do pout, it’s just that we associate it more with the females and children. Believe me when i say i have seen ‘straight’ guys pout unconsciously. But let’s not argue.
    I have heard you though…who knows,i could have been referring to an hermaphrodite…lol

    1. Lol…maybe. Its not a problem…its your work…I was just saying.

  13. “I won’t be shocked at your secrets,

    no matter how shocking it may seem to you.”
    @Enoquin, u must have seen a lot in this life to say this confidently. except u’re just trying to make the person feel comfortable.what if my secret is the fact that my father is my grand father??

  14. @enoquin

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