Where can I seek her?

Where can I seek her?

Someone to tell me lies

and say ‘I love you’ even if untrue.

Someone I can call my own,

and sleep peacefully on her bosom.

A girl to soothe my thoughts,

with kisses and embraces.

A lady to share love with,

and give a reciprocal respect.

Someone to give my pockets to,

even if filled with parental coins.

A diva to favour,

and tell sweet words of lies.

A tricky world to learn from,

about the whims and caprices of Eve.

A giver of dreams,

that of the altar and progenies.

A special heart,

that will pull down my fortresses.

A sleeky itch,

that tempers the golden seat of abstinence.

Where en terre, can I seek the honeycomb

that hides my queen bee of love?

7 thoughts on “Where can I seek her?” by Ladipo Titiloye (@ladman)

  1. Well, U dey find the girl wey go lie give U abi(Ur 1st lines)? Dem boku naa. As for d true ones, better bet a microscope!
    Nice flows though.

  2. Nice lines, but it got a bit confusing in the middle. Do you really want to lie to your queen bee?

  3. Queen-bee (@Queen-bee)

    Did someone call my name?(Queen bee) lolz….nice poem yu got here….nd I my best lines were “parental coins” nd ” a diva to favor” tyt lines… Nwaiz,ol d best in ur search fur a diva to favor even if…..(u knw now) :) ….thumbs up ol d same!

  4. Okay, I knw this is poetry and thus ‘poetic license’ exists, however, I do think that the expressions of distrust and insincerity, presents this piece as quite contradictory.

    Anyways, na u knw wetin u want. Beautiful piece altogether.

  5. Good poem. The message was quite honest too. Well, search on NS. At least you’ll get queen bees that’ll probably tell you lies in rhymes.

  6. You want someone to lie to and and someone to lie to you? well that’s easy i tell ya! Plenty girls out there will be willing to say ‘i love you’ even if its untrue as long as the ‘parental coins’ keep coming in! lol! what does that mean anyway? Is the subject of this poem a student?

    Anyways,nice rhyme scheme you had at the beginning…kinda interrupted it later in the middle but all in all you’ve got a nice poem with debate explosion potential…

  7. The oxymoron of true lies…very well written. Love it.

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