Its valentine they say

A bright and lovely day

But my lips smile not

Dark and heavy is my thought

Today I say goodbye

To my love with a heavy sigh

She loves my purse

That is her curse

The size of my manhood

Is to my pocket glued

In the eyes of my eve

And how my heart did grieve

Her eyes are twin almonds

They glitter like diamonds

Her skin is the pride of angels

The fairest of all belles

Her voice is the mother of music

That pleases even the rustic

If only she could see

That my love would drown the sea

That my heart bleeds

From the arrow of her greeds

Bus she sees not but my worth

Though I love her in deed and thought

14 thoughts on “Valentine?” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. a goodbye is very much in order for such a lady. Well done Bro.

  2. You have poured out. Nicely written

  3. @scopeman, thanks for understanding…its the way of some women
    @writefight, thanks man…

  4. Ditto @scopeman. Definitely goodbye to such.

  5. @lade, no benefit of doubt?

  6. @xikay, you must learn it the hardway.. You must spend to appreciate the worth of a lady… Opposing views na wahala… Gone are the days when a man is loved for his mere self… Money suppose dey..

  7. If only she did not love the purse, lol. He indeed loves here, quite evident, but NO MORE LOVING if she persists to be a caterpillar, hmm. Nice poem @xikay.

  8. wow man this is good. i dont think i am in any way interested in the meaning but i so love the flow of emotion and the combination of literary expressions. i so love the sonorous arrange ment of this poem in rhyming pairs and i notice that each rhyming pair makes a complete thought as in:

    Today I say goodbye
    To my love with a heavy sigh

    She loves my purse
    That is her curse

    wonderfully, not only are these rhyming pairs a complete thought many of them seem to be equal in meterical feet. is that deliberate? just be frank! for example in the lines above the 1st pair has 6 syllables and the 2nd has 4 syllables each. thats great keep it up bro!

  9. I really like this xikay.Im drinking the poem, a little sip at a time…..

    Dare I say your best work here ever?

    Well done!!!

  10. @idoko, and it is right to love you for your money ONLY?
    @ayokunle, i’m with you bro
    @adams, SHAKESPEARE is my MIRROR!
    @lawal, thanks sire, more to come

  11. This is very nice. Loved the rhyming. Breaking up with someone on val’s day, sounds a little artistic. Think Shakespeare said something like ‘use men like they use you’. So guess it applies here. Good one as always, mr valentine lover.

  12. @jaywriter, you still dont get it abi?… i dont do val love…its just an excuse for gals to exploit the POCKET and men to exploit the ENDOWMENTS!

  13. @seun-odukoya, what do you mean by ‘okay’

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