The Parenthesis

The Parenthesis

Up in the Air is a 2009 movie starring George Clooney. The movie follows Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) who goes around the world firing people. I didn’t really know that type of job existed. Like, what’s the need hiring someone to fire someone. Why not use the money for the firer to pay the firee for… say a month longer. But it didn’t take anything away from the film. The film is very good. So if you haven’t seen it yet, please do so.

But, my major likeness for the film had to do with the issues it tackled. George Clooney’s character never believed in ties. Not ‘ties’ as in bow ties but ties to people. He never believed in family, love, friendship and all that. He just packed a briefcase and moved. When the film started, I knew this idea of no ‘ties’ at all was a little extreme. Even animals have ties. For him, hotels and airplanes and air hostesses and room service and waiters and waitresses and barmen were all he needed. And of course, his cards – credit card and all that.

So, like you rightly guessing now, he meets a female who believes in exactly the same thing. They connect within minutes. And shag within hours. So this new adventure starts for him. Somehow this woman seemed different. I guess her shag was quite different or sweeter. So, just like that, something special starts. They both meet more times. Have great shags. Attend a family wedding. We all know how much weddings reminds us of settling down. So the events of that particular wedding makes George Clooney’s character  rethink his stance on ‘ties’ or no ‘ties’.

Like most romance movies end, he runs out of a conference where he is delivering a speech. He boards the next flight and goes straight for his true love he went. Like every man in love, he finds the address much quicker than he should.

And then standing at the door, with a very big  smile, his true love. They kiss and and shag and then they get married and then live happily ever after.

Okay, that was how it was supposed to happen. But we are talking about an Oscar movie here so it doesn’t quite end that way.

Well, it turns out his true special love is married. And have kids. And a happy family. But she was having sex with him without the courtesy of even telling him she is married… and happily too. So he leaves the scene and goes to a quiet place to probably think a little and cry a little as well. But she calls him and the following dialogue takes place…

RYAN BINGHAM      : I thought I was a part of your life.

ALEX GORAN           : I thought we signed up for the same thing… I thought our relationship was perfectly clear. You are an escape. You’re a break from our normal lives. You’re a parenthesis.

RYAN BINGHAM      : (shocked) A parenthesis?


Good consolation, right? Just the exact thing she needed to say. I guess a ‘parenthesis’ is probably so stupid he would probably not understand what ‘marriage’ is… and happily too. So just go ahead and deceive the ‘parenthesis’. After all, he is a ‘parenthesis’. This screenwriter was so f$$$ing good I totally disliked this character like she was real.

Why am I writing about this? I have heard similar stories in real life. And the film just made me want to write something about it. That was how pissed off I was.

A guy once told a story in August about this girl and how much they were in love. The girl goes home for holidays and calls one September night to tell him she got married that same day. He thinks it is a joke until he sees the wedding pictures when school resumed that September.

Another guy hears from some friends that his ‘true’ love is getting married. The guy calls his ‘true’ love on phone who tells him that it is not what they will discuss on phone. The ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to the question ‘are you getting married?’ is not what you talk about on phone? That’s fantastic.

I remember these two stories and it’s always so funny.

I know some people will say guys do it more. There is always this big difference. When a guy doesn’t love a girl, he ‘honestly’ knows he doesn’t love the girl and a smart sensible girl knows this guy doesn’t really love her. Let us face the facts. Girls always go with the ‘he’ll change’ phrase. This most times mean they know about whatever trick(s) the guy is gonna come up with in the future. But they keep ‘faithing’ and hoping the guy will change. And when the James Bond acts like the James Bond that he is, they pretend like they never saw it coming.

Now, in a girl’s case, she’s ‘honestly’ in love with you. So you look at her and you know she really loves you. This is the big difference. A guy knows he doesn’t love you but lies that he loves you. A girl loves or doesn’t love you but believes honestly she loves you and tells you she loves you. Sometimes it’s really a very funny scenario.

So, what’s my point?

If you get boyfriend or husband person come wan do anything with you, tell am say you get somebody. It’ll really help the guy know what to expect and what not to.

I think in 2011 it’ll probably be better for you to imagine your ‘true’ love has some ‘truer’ love. Might help you just avoid wasting that much money on plane tickets like George Clooney when you are just a ‘parenthesis’. No make yourself ‘parenthesis’ this.

This goes for the ladies too. No let any guy make you parenthesis. We don’t want another girl crying “men sha” on NS.

29 thoughts on “The Parenthesis” by Jaywriter (@jaywriter)

  1. @jaywriter, you have done it again… this is lovely..i felt as if i was talking with you face to face, only that you preempted my questions, quite well too…KUDOS…this is the kind of thing that keeps me here on NS.

    1. @xikay – Thanks man. Glad you liked it.

  2. You made a good review…Love, i am the least qualified to comment on this subject matter.Thumbs Up!

    1. @writefight – Thanks. Love is actually what you talk about how you understand. Nobody really knows all about love. Thanks.

  3. @writefight, who says you are least qualified… the fact that you write, well too, makes you qualified.

  4. @xikay, you dont know what it is like to feel the sun from both sides?
    I was once @a bachelors’ eve and my opening drew curious eyes and shooting laughter when i said “…for those who are yet to feel it, please get married first because love exist only in two places -in Bollywood and after marriage of at least 10 years”. And as i continued to the end, everyone was awed ‘speechless’ i tell you. Love could make a fool of the wisest man, that doesnt however stop you from seeking it. You may soon understand why the wisest man(Solomon) had to sample the minds and character of many ladies just to satisfy his curiosity.

    1. Love exist everywhere but surely not the way virgins make us believe. But some girls are catching up though.

  5. Great review Jay! I totally love this. And U r so right!!!

    1. @raymond – Thanks. Glad you loved it.

  6. You are so on point Jay, with a very good example too.He that has ears, let him hear…..

    Well done!!!

  7. Parenthesis, hmmm… I see new break up lines emerging from this interesting piece. La-La land no go kill us.
    Well done Jay.

    1. @scopeman – That’s true. But I see someone dumped crying and telling his or her friend(s) – You say that guy just make me parenthesis since.

  8. that was a really good read-i no get points i 4 donate.

    but, u write from a guy’s perspective n u r right: men r from mars and women from venus. i just find it difficult to believe a woman knows wen she is being played but hangs on and the guys absolutely has no clue!

    1. @onyi – thanks, sad you aint got points, lol. Can’t believe you find it difficult to believe oh.

  9. @writefight, yeah, got you now…@jaywriter, it seems you have been made a parenthesis…the vigour with which you attacked this piece,…hmmm

    1. Most people who are wise (parenthesis-wise), got wise after being made a parenthesis at least one time. We’ve all been parenthesis one time or the other. Even you @xikay.

  10. @jaywriter, 1time? i laff bro…more like 1000times lol

    1. @xikay – one time oh. Maybe 100 times for you.

  11. You are so right – What in the world would make a person hang on to a doomed relationship? And don’t tell me its love!
    Very true words, Jaywriter. But i go still talk am – Men sha! lol.

  12. Thanks @lade-a will still ditto with girls sha, women sha, ladies sha, babes sha.

  13. @jaywriter, what i meant was that in life generally, we’ve been hoodwinked many times… not only for love… friends use you to cover a period, your boss raises your salary/ buys new office stuff/ organises trainings to cover theft, politician deceives you with money to vote him in, pastor opens church because of poverty and the hope of tithe……..>>>>>>

  14. Jay…you don dey madt abi?

  15. @seun – Not really oh.

    1. No o. If na you write this thing…you don dey madt. Confirm.

  16. @seun – Is madt a presidential language? Don’t get the meaning oh.

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