The Day You Cut Me Wide Open

The Day You Cut Me Wide Open

The day you cut me wide open
I bled tears from a hideous face
And pure prisoned blood from my sealed benevolent cocoon.
I was not as pitiable as pathetic purple onions,
so you wouldn’t weep with me.

The ruffled white sheets mourned with still ripples,
For i was a cruel painter, who have painted her with the colour of doom,

You troubled my secret sacred place with your ritual.
You were the herbalist who reared the fatal black cock
With the beak of a bullet
And then,
You pierced me,
After idiocies of incantations.

I was gullible,
Because incantations are meant to be charmingly convincing.

And, perhaps,
It was much more than your words that lured me,
So i endured the pain,
The pain entwined with pleasure,
Pleasure with pain.
The act of two, greater than one in disdain

This once I was lain,
Was the day you cut me wide open.

17 thoughts on “The Day You Cut Me Wide Open” by colotrends (@colotrends)

  1. Ok, the heading gives a peek, and the work shows it. Colo, nice one.

  2. @colotrends this is WOW…i love it big time…this is talking about a girl losing here VIRGINITY right? got it all painted bro.

    this line was awesome, so onions are pathetic and that’s why we shed tears over them???
    I was not as pitiable as pathetic purple onions,
    so you wouldn’t weep with me.

  3. thanks WRITEFIGHT, Brainypoet.

  4. so am i right or wrong?

  5. Don’t know what to say about this… But it is a good piece of poetry…

  6. wow i can see the images playing themselves. well i dont care about what it means though i think its about “first sex”. i am impressed by the poetic painting of what would have been such an ugly sight.
    men u are good! thumbs up!
    i will be back soon for more critical analysis….

  7. Smooth and easy on the eyes…Nice one.

  8. Thank you Idoko Ojabo, Ray – Mr Adams, you’re welcome, i’d be awaiting your critical analysis.

  9. Wow!! You guys are so damn good!( Am so jealous).

  10. @wealth, we are also jealous of your WEALTH of ideas…

  11. This is good poetry.Lovely imagery that conveyed your message well.

    Well done!!!

  12. thank you all, i’m flattered!

  13. pouquoi brainy?

  14. Powerful descriptions, the theme was clear and well emphasized in all the stanzas.

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