the beauty in ugly

the beauty in ugly

I and my friend Johnny High sat and got elevated into the stratosphere of the essence of life and there we meditated. when we came back to earth, i decided to write down his musings as narrated to me up there in the stratos…

One day in the midst of my existence I wake up feelin’ like a million bucks (or in these days of advances towards infinity, lemme say like a gazillion bucks); feelin’ divine. I got this feeling that everything I needed to be a fulfilled man (and some more) surrounded me like my aura. Hell, i could say ‘everything’ had become one with my aura. I look into a man’s eyes and see the beauty in him; the forces of dark threaten to overwhelm the beauty but i put them in their place. I dont rant, rave and rail, banishin the dark to an eternity of damnation. Instead, I focus on the beauty and ignore the dark. They rant and rave and run away promising to be back like Arnold Schwarzeneger

(isnt if funny that schwarz in german means black and neger sounds like nigger? Arnold ‘blacknigger’).

And so on this day that I wake up feelin divine, I learn that obeying the second greatest commandment of ‘loving your neighbor as your self’ is a decisive action whose achievement lies in consciously looking out for the beauty in every being I come across.

A feat lying on the borders of impossibility, I realize that we are a part of an eternal battle; a battle for the possession of the minds of every human being; a battle in which victory over one piece of mind will cause a chain reaction, resulting in the absence of our collective peace of mind.

I resolve to fight.
I resolve to dissolve the hatred that pervades the psyche of mankind

(I hear a pessimisstic cynic smirk and say, ‘you alone?’).

I resolve to seek truth and understanding knowing that fighting in this battle does not imply hostility, dark looks of hatred, clenched fists and weapons of destruction but waking up on the right(or left) side of the bed and feelin like I feel this day: a gazillion bucks worth of divinity. Most importantly, we need to see the beauty in every creature, despite the wrongs, despite that mysterious repulsion you feel when you see a particular face, mysterious ‘cos there’s no apparent reason to hate. Even though the person acts like a gbolo (mumu, idiot); despite the spite he/she has shown you. Despite what you heard that he said when she said what she said about you, it or them.

Its not easy but its possible. If you cant see the beauty in other people then what do you expect from these other people; and if you can, its not mandatory that they will or should see it in you.

Remember change all starts with the man in the mirror.
peace to the gods on earth, J.High

10 thoughts on “the beauty in ugly” by neo-lite (@markwealth)

  1. i agree with the messsage here…nice…but this seems like a hurried piece too…watch your first paragraph:
    there we meditated[. w]hen we came back to earth, [i] decided to write down his musings as narrated to me up there in the stratos…
    They rant and rave and run away promising to…[they?]
    [(isnt] if funny that schwarz in [german] means black and neger sounds like nigger? Arnold ‘blacknigger’)……

    all the same, well done..

  2. @xikay, (where yr shades at, man?u lk different).i concur with yr observations. that first paragraph was actually added when i was posting (i wrote it 2009).
    the use of lower caps was an oversight but whats wrong with “they”? i was talking about the force[S] of darkness. wasnt i right in using “they”?
    PS thanx for reading.

  3. if THEY meant forces of darkness then you’re right-on…WELL DONE

  4. I like the abstract nature of this piece; at least it feels abstract to me.
    Well done Neo.
    Hahahahaha @ Blacknigger…

  5. ‘one day I wake up feeling divine’…present continuous…’I got this feeling that everything I needed’ past tense.

    Well done.

  6. well, because this is but personal musing, it is spared of much. The message is clear though, well done.

  7. Nice piece. Good message. Well done.

  8. @Xik, yayy i win! i winnn!!

    @Raymond, yeah its abstract though concernin physical things;i really laffed when the thot (of blacknigger)hit me.

    @Seun, yeah yeah, my bad. i’ll go n take my position in the ‘corner of shame’.

    @Scopeman, i’m already in ‘the corner’ naaa(tho i really would v liked to hear yr critique)

    @Jaywriter,i take a bow at the standing ovation as the stage receeds and the curtains fall.

  9. hey correction: thats recedes… stage recedes and curtains yada blah blah…

  10. @neo-lite even if you had not won, i know you write well and this is in no way out of the league of good stuffs…

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