St Valentine’s Memories

St Valentine’s Memories

Last season

We were together,

Hearts entwined,

Passions burning,

Coitus made in heaven,

One a compliment

Of the other.


This season

I found my side empty,

Passion burnt out,

Heart drained

Like a sucked cherry,

You riding on the crest

Of the free wind,

Me grappling in the trough

Of lonesome existence.


So tell me,

What is this love?

Is it not strong but short lived

Like lightening against

The darkening clouds?

Sweet but fleeting

Like orgasmic pleasure?

27 thoughts on “St Valentine’s Memories” by Lawal Opeyemi Isaac (@easylife2)

  1. This is very well written Lawal, well done.

    1. Thanks Scopeman.Glad you liked.Hope you had a swell Val’s day.

  2. Love go here am this season. Nice poem.

  3. Methinks you are better off this year’s val, lol.
    Lovely one.

    1. Kind of my sister, kind of.its good to see you around once again.

  4. lovely poem,opeyemi.
    well done.

    1. Thanks posh. I appreciate the ‘well done’.

  5. @opeyemi, nice poem you have, cool….rem life is full of ups and downs and its never a bed of roses…sorry sha …love is not only about

    1. @ xikay: My brother, aw man for do now? Its just to move on. Glad you liked.Thanks for stopping by.

  6. It does happen sometimes…Have fun all the same. Nice poem.

  7. I love this… I will love to listen to an audio version, @Lawal.

    1. Thanks Idoko.Would check the forum ‘Voice of the poets’ to see what can be done about that.

  8. I loved it. Simple, and straight to the point. It seems the MC hasn’t really moved on. He still wishes that his other half was still there. he can’t give himself the chance to love another, full of regrets, but yet hopeful, I presume. Interesting!

    1. Thanks Ayo, but the MC has sure moved on! I’m glad you find it interesting, that is much needed encouragement.

  9. i was scrolling down to see more, but didn’t know it was the end. i so like the flow, the choice of words and their synchronous combination in the lines.thumbs up!
    i noticed something! the captivating arrangement of the syllables in the line of stanza one 3, 5, 3, 4, 6, 5, 3. i dont think this is deliberate. i love it

    1. Now this is my best comment so far(apologies to the other commenters).To get a thumbs up from adams no be small thing o!

      Thanks for stopping by, and I’m glad you liked this.


  10. mr vals ..oga it tho

  11. Thanks for stopping by Laolu.Its been a while.

  12. Sweet, sexy and short. Good one. I think you wrote straight from the heart which is very good. Not been in that situation before but can completely relate to it. Submit to the group let’s see how it goes. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks Jay.Would post to the group asap.


  13. @lawal, i always look for yoour stuff, quite nice

    1. @ xikay: Ehn, is that so *blushing*.Thanks for stopping by.You are too kind.

    1. The presido.Thanks, glad you liked.Its good to have you back again.No more disappearing acts o! lol.

  14. @easylife2

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