Party Dress Wahala!

Party Dress Wahala!

How can I be invited to a cocktail party and the guys are all in jeans and sneakers ehn?! Look at me all dressed up like am about to see the queen and the girls are dressed in spandex like dresses. This is oh so wrong!!!

Ok, let me gist you people. So I was invited to this ‘cocktail’ party and instructions strictly stated that everyone should be properly dressed for the party. Girls should be in sexy cocktail dresses and the guys should be in suits. Seeing as I am an almost reformed tomboy (all you could ever find in my wardrobe was jeans and tees and being that I am almost reformed to dressing and acting like a girl) the closest I had to a dress is a shirt dress that I still wore with my jeans ;D. So I had to call re-enforcement to rescue me. Shopping, shopping, shopping…my favorite thing to do. You may ask…since this one is being reformed, what’s then is she shopping for??..well, I shop for shoes.

This for me, is a compulsive obsession and not necessarily a hobby (like someone recently comically ranted on NS about shopping being a hobby..I loved that article btw). I love shoes, my wardrobe currently is full of them. I go online to my favorite shoe store @DSW and I have to have at least one shoe in by store bag before logging off. I collect shoes like others collect stamps…anyway that’s gist for another day.

So, I called up a friend to rescue me from this uncalled for predicament and she suggested we go shopping for dresses. So since I loved shopping, even though not for dresses, I jumped at the idea and we headed to the store. Oh my goodness, the kind of fun I had that day cannot be described. I tried on dresses after dresses, pretending I was on the run way, and it was awesome. Apparently, I’ve found a new love after shoes..dresses. I couldn’t believe how fabulous I looked in these clothes. I used to think I didn’t have the behind to pull off dresses but mehn, you just had to check me out that day. All I kept saying was..’Mehn…see babe!!!’. Short, long dresses; Full bodied, skimpy dresses. I looked awesome and I was loving the experience. At the end of it all, I had tried on over 10 dresses and then it was time to make a decision. When you’ve budgeted a 100bucks for dress and then you have at least 5 dresses you absolutely couldn’t let go of, each one costing nothing less than 50 bucks…..una see my predicament now? Serious wahala o…I couldn’t decide which ones to let go off. For someone who didn’t like dresses, this was absolutely absurd but I was in pain….sighs.. Finally, I sadly made a decision and picked the two I thought were the best with the help of my friend. I left the store with a huge grin on my face, got home, laid the dresses on the bed and then matched them up with awesome shoes…and thought to myself…’ah! I go show them for this party.’ I felt like Cinderella going to her first ball.

Just imagine my anger and disappointment when I got here and only about three or four of us where appropriately dressed in the thirty or so people in the room. Guys in baggy jeans and baggy Tee shirts or shirts with sneakers. Girls wearing tops they called dress. Wait o, na only me see the instruction for the invitation? I am sure I look like one of those cartoon characters that when angry, their face turns red and you can see the heat puffing out of their head….Tchuewww, wey I for just wear my jeans and top come the party. Complete waste of baff.

So I am sitting down, watching all these people and then it hits me. ‘Girl, you look fantastically fabulous!’. With drink in hand and a huge smile on my face, I peruse more faces and from the look in many eyes, I can tell they think so too ;-).

28 thoughts on “Party Dress Wahala!” by Diva Divine (@divadivine)

  1. Am loving this. Besides Rom-Coms nothing really makes me smile like a good story of shopping, dresses, shoes and bargains! Come back to Naija we do cocktail dresses everyday, everywhere now. But I don’t know about the guys sha…

    1. Thanks AnaBella..wink wink

  2. another lovely piece from the Diva herself. this is fantastic, sorry to the ‘properly dressed beaut’… at least she is now totally reformed having discovered the beauty of dresses abi?

    1. thanks oga @xikay…well she still struts her little stuff in her jeans o..wink wink…dresses are for special occassions and maybe summer..not in this bloody cold…
      I know wetin i suffer before i reach the parry..tchhuuueeeww

  3. Sure, a lady should be the first to respond to this, why? They worry most about their wardrobe and choice of items to buy. God help you if and when you follow a lady to shop for new wears-be it your Mum, sister or partner. My rule is- Put on whatever is comfortable by you, no too much flesh and mind the colours. Ce’s t finis.

    1. Mr writefight….na who tell you say na only clothes women de think about ehn..all you myopic thinkers… :P

  4. i like the narration.

  5. Lol. You were a star in the midst of fireflies then. Hope that comparison isn’t too harsh? :)
    Nice one here!

    1. As long as its a compliment, not at all o.. ;)..thanks for the comment

  6. Chatty, light, cool and amusing. But you ladies get me wondering: what is all about clothes, make-up, etc? If na me, sha, na jeans, shirt and casual jacket oh. Did any properly-clad gent ask for your phone number?

    1. only 2 properly clad I came with, the other was busy with improperly clad women…lol…

  7. @writefight, you dare not follow a woman to the store for shopping if u hav a flat wallet…apart from the time she will spend selecting one cloth, she will end up buying much more than you budgeted…if my gal says she wants a dress, i give her money to go…ALONE!

    1. as long as say you give her plenty wahala..who tell you say we like to have una there sef..with all your nagging…if to say na guy follow me, i sure say na ugly duckling i for be :P

  8. That’s it xikay, its not even the money thing that bothers m, its indecision in choice of say pink; rose pink or peach pink or light pink or fuchsia, carmine pink or cerise or coral pink.
    I mean, Pink no be Pink?

  9. Girls sha! Okay o, I dey learn.

  10. LMSAO…una don crack me up tire today….wetin u dis guys no de complain about ehn??? first love, now shopping..haba….lol…

    1. Ah, @Diva, u no get wahala, u don talk am say na Jeans and tees u dey like? Ehen, problem no dey 4 ur end at all. I fit even go shopping with u, becos I knw say we no go te.
      I wish say…

      1. lol @scopeman60…who tell you say we no go te..u no know say jeans get different type and size? multi-purpose jeans or specific purpose jeans….na the occassion go determine which one to u get try all till u find the one wey fit the occassion. unless you lucky get am on first try….lol… :P

        You wish wetin??

        1. @Diva ehen, if different sizes dey nko? Shebi the jeans dem dey get tag, dat one don solve plenty wahala. I know say we no go te, trust me.

          em, shebi na my wish, abi? Leave me make I wish am na. Abi u get magic wand like Hermionne Granger?

          1. ok o..remain there…doubting tomos..(in my most conc igbo)

  11. funny..i think every lady loves shopping,mine is the combination of shoes and dresses,dont even know the one i love most..
    It once happened to me too,it was suppose to be casual and i wore my jeans and shirt,and getting there,i saw ladies in ‘iro and buba’ ,others on natives,i looked so odd then…
    nice article rock!

    1. thanks posh….

  12. Nice one Diva.Really lively. It felt like you were right here, beside me , telling your story. I especially loved the end. It’s beautiful.

    1. thanks LadyT…

  13. I ditto scopeman, I dey learn.I don learn a long time ago never to accmpany females on shopping trips, especially when you get something wey you wan do later.

    Loved the easy style of the writing.

    Well done!!!

  14. This is a very nice stuff. Think you wrote it very well. Even it was clear where you were going but it was still a very enjoyable read. Not really a dress person so just wear anything to anywhere. By the way, kinda funny when my tomboy friends dress like females. First question is usually ‘who you wan seduce?’. Really enjoyed reading this. More! @lawal – have learnt that too. Shopping for a guys is like the film adverts in a cinema before the actually movie starts. For a girl, shopping’s like the actual movie. You don’t wanna watch movie adverts(trailers) for about 2 hrs. *winks*

  15. Lol! I think you came out tops at the party. You had fun shopping and you were the best dressed! Its a win-win!

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