NIGERIA: how far we have gone (PART2)

NIGERIA: how far we have gone (PART2)

50 cycles have come and gone
50 seasons under the sun
Suns have risen and set
Life and taunting death
Strifing peace and gentle war
We’ve seen them sure
We picked the bones, brothers
It pleases our beak-nosed other
Hitlers and heroes?
Wicked friends and friendly foes?
Voices fettered to the grill-of silence
Arms of strenght cut off in pretence
Justice hanged on the noose
Equity crying to be let loose
As our Jacobs and Esaus
Clashed the swords of force

Here we are now our notches fifty
Still- held in the howl of unity
So we gathered to sing the song
We’ve composed for so long
Taught with coups and wars
The blood of heroes, bled sores
Rag-clad hopes and limping dreams
Strutting pride, vaunting whims

So we came to sing, calendar two scores and ten
We came with billions ten
And they came too grumbling with desire
Bearing thunder and fire

like them pale skin of yore times
and put enjambment in our rhymes
Our conductor was Good, he had Luck
with him a tune we struck
while we sang de ja vous of sorrow
their screaming crackers they throw
and again fire and thunder
sought to put us asunder
as voices that ere then sang died
eyes closed never to be pried
but like before we chased them out
are we not one in and out?
the future glows like gold
though locked in the devil’s hold
we fear no evil for again we’ll overcome
for still with one accord we come
our will has pincers and claws
so tomorrow shall be their loss
all vultures from the past
we’ll vanquish fast
for Nigeria shall be great again
we’ll flourish like Ugwu in the rain
we have sown, lets gather the grain
for our pain has become gain


4 thoughts on “NIGERIA: how far we have gone (PART2)” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. No, you are not wrong. I am sensing a huge sense of passion and concern for Nigeria’s status, it means we have a lot in common then.

  2. passion, yeah…little by little, we’ll change things…thanks

  3. Nice one. You’re really a true Nigerian.

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