NIGERIA: how far we have gone! (PART1)

NIGERIA: how far we have gone! (PART1)

NIGERIA @ 50: a story in verse

The land that flowed with milk and honey
Forests green, sun sunny
Belles pretty lads strong
Sweet were words in our song
Tall was our humble pride
Wisdom was our teaching guide
Peace in hand, war in pouch
The gourd our plate, the mat our couch
To- their words were men bound
Till the six feet sojourn below the ground

Then like plagues, the pale skin gods,
They came like locust hordes
And did we not in reverence bow?
Yes did we not bow?
Some wail, ‘O Ancestors how
Why did you have to bow’
But i say, ‘can poisoned arrows
stop-the fire that flows
From their sticks, spitter of lead
Like the drooling head of beggars by the market’
So they came glancing our arrows-and hatchets
Butchered our ancient calm
And tainted our healing  balm

They came, visitor with their stool
Many a greedy sage to fool
Many a free man to slave
And bury in a strange grave
They, black book in one hand
While other rapes the land
With veils of strong wine
Covered they the eyes of greedy swine
So they came
Brown, white, yellow,-all-the same

The curious wind blew
And the foul’s yansh it shew
Then we painted the streets crimson
Our dreams lofty and winsome
Did we not herd out the pale skin
With the strength of blood and kin?
We brewed them a beer
Of black power and fear
And passions that wears no mask
We caught them as in ease they bask
Lips defeated the spitting guns
Though we couldn’t with arrows in tons

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8 thoughts on “NIGERIA: how far we have gone! (PART1)” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. lone ranger poem abi?

  2. Foul’s yansh? Hahahahahahaha!!! Nice touch. Smooth piece.

  3. Kai… The strongest of messages passed… I salute…

  4. wow wow wow. This is a creative piece of poem here. It is rich in imagery, simile. metaphor, euphemism,personification etc. It shows the journey of Nigeria from colonial times to the present government. I love the way you used good & luck. You are a creative genius. Lovely work.

  5. @raymond, thanks
    @idoko, i salute back sire
    @afro-prince, bro i dey blush…thanks…seems you read the full piece abi?

  6. Lengthy but true to it message, even the informality employed took next to nothing away from the eventual outcome. Well done Bro…

  7. @xikay think you’re more talented than you seem. A very good poem done with a very nice concept. Keep writing.

  8. @scopeman, thanks
    @jaywriter, if you say so sire, thanks

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