For The Love Of Her

For The Love Of Her

My sweat has pedigree

It replays the rhythm

Of countless now-dead feet

That have trod with love, this brown soil

Do not think my tears nameless

They bear surnames longer and older

Than the sorrows which now provoke them

Every drop is a sacrifice

That the cheeks of her newcoming sons

Might not bear such imprint

Every salty drop is a down payment

That their faces might not be creased by grime

Like mine

I spill my blood to fertilize her dreams

I renege and return

For she is my addiction

The sound of her pain

Reverberates in the hollows

Of my minute desires

For her, I strive

Till my back can stand no more

For the love of her, I cry

Till my eyes can shed no more

For the sweet love of her, I sweat

Till my body can spare no more

For the sweet love of her

8 thoughts on “For The Love Of Her” by Femi Eros (@femifeel)

  1. @eros, this is one heck of a mover…i love it..makes a whole lot of sense…i do hope its deserved

  2. Such a deep poem, so expressive.

  3. Kinda sensing a deeper meaning. But a good poem. Good emotional show. Liked it.

  4. fine effort Femi, I’m quite impressed.

  5. okay…for the sake of sounding really ignorant…I read this twice and still didn’t get it.

  6. Thank you guys for your comments. For the sake of those who don’t get it, the poem expresses the hopes, motivations and struggle of a patriot. The “her” in the poem is not a woman but Nigeria. The persona, in the first lines, identifies with those who have played their part in making the country better and have passed on to the great beyond. That about sums up the subject matter.

    1. Thanks for explaining…now I can compliment you honestly…

  7. Deep stuff…Great work.

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