Eden Shall Be Ours Again

Eden Shall Be Ours Again

The Hopeless said:

Hear all people,

My sour song of future tears,

The Babel curse is what we know,

That differing tongues put us apart,

And war seems our only way of peace.

The good we have is a white stain on the black.

The hope we crave for is far distance away

The peace we make is at transient modes

Ceteris paribus, our world drifts apart.

And the hopeful replied:

Hold your tongue! You weary self.

We know the name of change,

As the light, that kills the darkness.

Adam will walk free again,

and mother Eve will forget the forbidden taste.

Cats and mice shall sing along.

Hens and hawks shall share a camp,

and bad words will be unknown.

Our religion shall be our deeds,

of good and peace.

And Eden shall be ours again.

11 thoughts on “Eden Shall Be Ours Again” by Ladipo Titiloye (@ladman)

  1. Amen Titi…i like the devices you employed in this. Check your inbox.

  2. Really nice!
    Well done

  3. i enjoyed your poem, nice work.

  4. Amen…..It will surely be ours again…

  5. Ah, this would pass as ‘redemption song’. Beautiful piece Titiloye!

  6. Lovely poem. Ditto eden being ours again. Maybe we’ll eat more apples there.

  7. @Jaywriter – remember it was apples that got us out of Eden in the first place, no more apples abeg. Lol.

  8. Nice poem. Love the hopeful response to the pessimistic predictions.

  9. @titiloye, well done with this wonderful piece…you are going tops….
    the lines are rich and lovely:
    And war seems our only way of peace.

    The good we have is a white stain on the black.[imagine white staining black]

  10. a promise of hope…hope actually seen…testified to..thereby believable.
    As I was reading I kept thinking ‘the poem accurately describes Egypt…before and after unclebros Mubarak.
    You do well.

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