Diary Of A Confused Girl!

Diary Of A Confused Girl!

Oh God have mercy on me, i
know what to do! He could
actually be caring o, but i don’t
like his attitudes, he shouts at me
in public, and the other day he
even beat me, but came back to
apologise and said that he lost
temper. He is so violent though,
but i think i love him, he sends
nice text messages and takes me
out regularly, in fact, he just
knows how to make me feel
and important.
And the other guy, he’s so calm
and gentle, talks too much about
how much he loves me but he
hardly shows it, he doesn’t send
me messages but likes to call and
talk at length. He questions me
too much and always seems to
jealous. He says he wants to
me and always looks to be in a
rush about things. He is
crazy about me because of the
way he so passionately speaks
about me to his friends, he says i
am his angel and that he couldn’t
live without me. But the problem
with him is that he is too
emotional and too indulging, he
does just anything i want him to
do to make me happy but
just take fresh initiative to do
something out of the ordinary to
give me a surprise. He is nice
though but some how too
submissive, he doesn’t treat me
like he is the man but just allows
me to have my way whenever i
want, and i don’t really
understand him also cos he
gets angry over things. He seems
so easy going and God, i don’t
even know, i don’t think i really
love him, but he loves me
somehow and tries to control me
too much.
Compared with the first guy, i
think i would prefer the first guy,
he is physically tall, with broad
shoulders and has a very heavy
voice, he is nice and knows how
to care for a lady. But the
is that he has too many girls
around him and am really
uncertain, he says he loves me
has not sent away the other girls.
He has not told me he wants to
marry me but i think i love him
more than the other guy. But am
not getting any younger and i
don’t know what to do….

12 thoughts on “Diary Of A Confused Girl!” by emmanuel abasiubong (@angelabazz)

  1. That is ehn, this story is so commonplace and rings true . And even though the end is predictable we all must make these decisions on our own. i like to read people’s ‘diaries’ so i must be a poke noser abi? Anyways i enjoyed reading and if u need more advise please contact Aunty Flo :).

  2. In summary, would you rather marry the one who loves you or the one you love?
    That’s a tough scenario to find oneself in. But, really, isn’t that how it happens most times? I mean, one party likes the other and works to get the other party to do the same… Me, I’d rather marry the one I love who loves me.

  3. I did not mean to jest – just incase it is a true life story and me and d likes of me (scopeman) are being too helpful. Speaking as Aunty Flo now….seriously, everyone has to mak eup their minds for themselves and this time the choice is between being happy with someone that really loves you vs staying in love with someone who might not make you happy. fire works vs lightening if u will…like we all have heard over and agin, marriage is sustained by more than just chemistry between people….like i said Ms confused call Aunty Flo if you will! Phew! ‘nuf said -am i taking this too literally?

  4. One issue that bother ladies like the Mc in question is age.. Thank God this is a dairy.. No lady will admit in the open that their increasing age is becoming a problem..

    1. hahaha, u r not in d inner circles to hear d lamentations ni! trust me they so say it in those circles

  5. Musing? Non fiction? Well, marriage is about doing the same over and over again oh. Marriage is boring as well. The first guy will probably take you to a club and you guys’ll dance and sweat to some good hiphop music. Second guy will probably take you to those boring places where couples dance to ‘Lady in Red’ and talk. Think the first guy’s more interesting. But you just have to consider the kinda person you are. Would you rather dance to some hiphop music or some good old soft blues? Go with who makes you happier and hope you know what true happiness means?

  6. Well, some guys are like the second guy. They may have some kind of surprise in mind, but they think too much about whether the girl will like it or not. Plus, they are not just boisterous. A little nudge most of the time is what they need…
    Imagine how we are all discussing this thing like say we dey Oputa panel. It means U did a good job.

  7. Mchew! Girls and bad guyses…why do chicks always go for the ‘fast fist’ and the ‘rugged tongue’…me i like the second…nice concept

  8. Ciao! Thanks for the comments, am glad you all like it.

  9. There’s an advertisement that runs over here saying “Why settle for OR… when you can have AND?” Perhaps she should have the first guy AND the second guy. :)

  10. Sadly violence in relationships seems to be a recurring theme. We should be careful not to glorify domestic abuse. I felt uneasy with the self-esteem issues unmasked in this fictional tale. This is another thread that runs through as girls feel under pressure to marry.
    You did a good job describing 2 different scenarios. Your story will be improved by editing to weed out the grammatical errors.

  11. Some girls always fall for bad guys.

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