Betrayed (1)

Betrayed (1)

I am as drunk as hell. I can barely see where I am going; I stagger down the steps of the railway station, oblivious of the world, drowning in a sea of hopelessness and despair. I feel the bile rise to my mouth, I feel like throwing up but I manage to swallow down the bitter contents. My life has no more meaning to me, am just a zombie walking around aimlessly. Ever since that cruel night, the world as I know it has crumbled before my face, all around me, life has since seized to have meaning anymore. I seek solace in the merciless cold hands of death.

I check the train time; it says that the next train to come would be in 15 minutes. I think to myself in the next 15 minutes I would say bye-bye to this cruel world, full of bitterness, pain and hurt. I have made my mind up and have no regrets; I am going to jump in front of the train and end my life. I laugh bitterly alone in the darkness, my mind clouded with the alcohol in my system.

I know what you thinking, that I am insane. You probably wondering what would make a young man like me want to take his life. Let me tell you my story and then you would reason with me on my course of action.

Growing up I never really believed in falling in Love. When my younger sister Funke watched those fairy-tale cartoons of the handsome prince meeting the beautiful princess and saving her life, I usually made fun of her, laughed and called her a dreamer. You see, I was a Ladies-Man and was never really interested in a girl to settle down with her that long. My friends knew me as a Player who broke countless ladies hearts. My best mate Uche who was always my roommate in university could write you a whole chapter of girls coming to his place begging him to plead on their behalf for me to work things out with them. But as always I turned a deaf ear to their cries, already ‘’on to the next one’’ as my favourite singer Jay-z would say.

Ever since my Mom walked out on us and left my Dad with two little kids to bring up on his own, I grew up swearing to myself that I would never love another woman as long as I breathe. I grew up watching my Father turn to an emotional, alcoholic wreck all because of the love he had for a woman- my mother. My father was once a vibrant man, full of love for life, his wife and his kids. That was till he got betrayed when his so called wife,  left him for a Rich Alhaji when things were difficult. My dad never recovered from this and he became a shadow of his old self. This radically changed my view of love and I vowed never to give any woman the chance to hurt me that way. My heart was mine to guard jealously like a stolen treasure.

All that changed when I met Adija, the girl with the soft brown eyes. On that fateful day, I was strolling back home after another gruelling day of lectures, you see I am in my final year at the University of Greenwich studying Philosophy. I was lost in thought, thinking about the topic we had in class, oblivious of the beautiful angel walking in my directing till I bumped into her. The books she held in her hands spilled unto the floor, scattering all around. I quickly offered my apologies and bent down to help her to pick up her items. Our fingers touched as we both grabbed the same book; it was a novel written by Chinua Achebe entitled Things Fall Apart. It was as if I got tasered when our fingers touched, her fingers felt warm and soft. I looked up and gazed into the most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen. Her eyes sparkled with warmth and the corners creased as she smiled. I immediately took in her soft red lips, the thickness of her long black hair, her lovely brown skin the colour of honey and the dimples on her face as she smiled. Her teeth reminded me of the tooth-paste adverts I had watched countless times on Television; they were straight and pearly white. I could hear my heart beating faster and faster, I was sure she could hear it too.

I quickly introduced myself as Femi and she told me her name was Adija. I asked her if she was reading the novel Things Fall Apart and she nodded in the affirmative. I told her that was my favourite African novel, that I had enjoyed reading it countless time. She told me she was reading it for one of her courses as she was studying African Literature.

From that day on me and Adija became friends and usually spent time together; having lunch, going to the movies and generally enjoying each others company. Before we both knew it, our friendship became closer and we began spending more time with each other, becoming inseparable.  Slowly but surely, we began to fall in love with each other. All my heart’s resistance to love melted with this angelic like woman. She showed me what true love was and even though I tried dodging Cupid’s arrow, my shield of resistance broke into pieces with the tender love she showed me.

Uche my best mate teased me continuously when he found out that Adija and I were dating. He jokingly asked me what happened to the Femi he knew. I told him that she had cooked a delicious meal laced with the most powerful love potion, making me fall helplessly in love with her. We both laughed at the joke. Adija who sat at the corner of the room smiled and said that we guys were not serious. She was a regular visitor to my room and I had introduced her to Uche my best friend and roommate.

On the last Friday of the month, I decided to go home to see my family. I bade farewell to my love Adija and friend Uche telling them that I would be back on Monday.  My sister was surprised when I told her that I was in a serious relationship and had a proper girlfriend now. You see, she never believed that my hard heart could melt with the burning fire of love.

As fate would have it, I decided to return back to campus a day earlier than planned, as I remembered I had a meeting with the Head of Department on Monday morning. I however did not tell Uche or Adija my beloved that I would be coming back.

As I walked into the campus, I had a sense of foreboding that something distasteful was about to unfold. I shrugged it off as I gaily walked towards my room. I opened the front door and walked into the room, the light was switched off. I switched it on and low and behold I saw my best mate Uche making love to a woman. I stifled a giggle, apologized and turned to leave, till I saw the girl’s face from the corner of my eye and realised that this wasn’t any other girl, this was Adija, the Love of my life, in the loving embrace of my best friend.

I was paralyzed on the spot, shocked by the events unfolding before my very eyes. Obscenities flew from my lips; my veins were filled with rage and hatred for them. How could they betray me like this? How could she pay me back for all the love I showered her? They started begging me, telling me that this was the first time and it was a mistake. I cursed both of them, called them unprintable names, picked up my bag and walked out of the house.

My perfect world was crumbling right before my very eyes. Tears of pain and anger filled my eyes and I screamed in frustration. ”Why is this happening to me”, I said over and over again in disbelief?  ”How could they do this to me”, I asked myself.  ”Why did I foolishly believe that true love existed”, I told myself. ”Love is nothing but pain and lies”, I vented in frustration. Life for me was too painful to live. I wanted to escape this sick, lying, back-stabbing world. I knew what to do, I would end it all.

I went into the nearest shop that sold alcohol and bought enough to drown a man. I find a deserted alley and began to drink myself out of all the misery. After countless bottles, I head toward the railway station ready to end my life.

So now you know my story and you feel my pain. Life for me has no meaning, the hurt in my heart can never be healed. I seek relief in the hands of Death. I check the time for the arrival of the train. In five minutes it would arrive. In five minutes, I would say bye-bye to this cruel world and jump in front of an oncoming train.

59 thoughts on “Betrayed (1)” by afro-prince (@olayinka)

  1. Errrr….forgive if i sound callous but he wants to kill himself because of a woman? who may shed a few tears and go and find permanent solace in the arms of his room mate? There’s a discovery i made recently..we all attract what we believe.If deep down you fall in love and you expect that person will betray you,he or she will…your expectations,both conscious and unconscious determine a lot of the choices and experiences we go through…

    Personally,i love the way you told the story.I enjoyed reading it but I’m not sure a man taking his own life because his woman slept with his best friend will fly especially in this day and age where cynicism and distrust seems to be on the rise!

  2. I wonder why you had to capitalise words like, ‘Father’, ‘Mum’, ‘Player… This is a sad but lovely story… I observed that you made it easy for me to predict the end before I finished reading… and this reduced the quality of the story’s suspense… That can be reworked though… I loved the flowing imageries of the story’s early lines.. I loved the beauty of your language.. Thumbs up!

  3. This story was beautifully told, simple and direct. Ditto @Idoko Ojabo on the fact that the predictability of the end has reduced the quality of the suspense the readers should have enjoyed. But its a nice story. Kudos!

  4. Sad story. I like the way it started.

  5. phew….sure,i don’t think he is in his right senses,killing yourself because of a girl??? hey…life will definitely go on after your happens all the time.
    a very nice ,very predictable and well told story.good job afro-prince.

  6. A confession: I didnt finish the story because I just didnt ‘see’ any reason to! I am not trying to be unreasonable or harsh, rather, I am trying to say things the way i see them. This story needs a re-write cos sincerely the introduction had no element of suspense. The punctuation in the opening lines and the repetition of one word in some lines is not too friendly to the eyes. You really need to sit down and re-write this. It has the makings of a brilliant piece but it is badly told. Writing in the first person is about the easiest form of writing but it demands a lot of finesse and a presence of mind that isnt usually necessary in other POV styles. The over-use of ‘I’ all through the story inundated it with a discouraging outlook. You can re-tweak this story and get a better look and feel to it.
    Please, dont undermine the quality and prospect of this story; rewrite it!

  7. Personally, I think the story is way too cliched. That whole anti-love guy bumping into a girl (angel, whatever), books flying everywhere, falling in love and she sleeping with his best friend storyline is sooooo played out.

    And like estrella said, his girl sleeping with his best friend is not enough reason for him to take his life. Maybe it was cute in the Shakespearean era, but not these days. Or maybe it would have worked better if you really went into showing the intensity of his feelings for her, but I doubt if even that would have worked.

    When I got to understand his motivation for wanting to kill himself, I could only go ‘Mtscheeeeeeew!!!’ Not to speak for anybody, but I doubt if many readers will sympathize. Its ok for him to break a few things, hole up in a bar and get drunk for days, cry himself to sleep for months, heck yes, but not kill himself.

    Everything else aside, I like the simplicity with which you told the story. That’s always a plus for me.

  8. @ estrella believe it or not, I had thought about all this before I submitted the story. However the mentality of people overseas are different from us Nigerians living in Nigeria, in the sense that when people are depressed, they sometimes take drastic actions and sadly taking their lives is seen as away out for them. There are loads of stories in the news that attest to this in the UK.
    I would also like to remind you that the story isn’t ended yet, that is why I called it Betrayed ONE. (WATCH OUT FOR PART2 lol) I find your discovery quite fascinating as I know that the subconscious is more powerful than we realized. Thanks for your comment & am glad you loved it.

  9. @ Idoko Ojabo am glad you loved the imagery & language of the story but you need to take a seat back and relax because as they say in Nigerian movies ”This is just the beginning”.That is why I termed the Title Betrayed ONE because there is a second part to it. The story ain’t over yet and your prediction might fall short of its mark. The reason why I started with the Crisis is that I wanted to capture the attention of the reader! So watch out for the sequel.

  10. @Johnson Bankole thanks for your words of appreciation. I think maybe I should have put to be continued at the end of the story because this story is far from over and believe me its not as predictable as you think!

  11. @Adeyinka thanks for appreciating the technique I used. I guess we are usually used to the traditional progress of a story- beginning, middle & ending. Nowadays writers delve from this norm & a story can begin from the ending or middle.

  12. I love this story, can’t wait to read the next part.

    1. Thanks wealth I appreciate your enthusiasm & also welcome your constructive criticism :)

  13. @ Da writing Engineer and Uche: I know this is none of my business, but u dn’tneed to bring people down with your comments.

  14. @posh am glad you enjoyed it. Have you watched Bruno Mars song ‘Grenade’? If you observe the ending, he jumps in front of a train because his love was turned down. This is not uncommon abroad. The story isn’t over yet, that is why I called it ONE & used the time frame of 15 minutes..reducing to 5 minutes, so fingers crossed still!

  15. Well, like Da Writing Engineer n Uche said, this story is way too predictable. I am not particularly happy with the way the story started. U just told us what the MC was planning to do in the 1st paragraph. U robbed the story of the suspense. The whole romance thing, while in a way reminiscent of foreign views n such, doesn’t feel real. It had this VA-VA-VOOM feel to it. Then the inevitable, and utterly predictable scenario of best friend and girlfriend.
    This doesn’t work so well for me Afro…
    U need to put in more on this…and watch the typos too.
    Good luck.

  16. @Da Writing Enginee I am not surprised that you didn’t finish the story,I guess the technique used was beyond your acumen for you to comprehend you. Writing stories has evolved from beginning to middle to ending. The Conflict present at the beginning of the story is meant to capture the reader into wanting to find out why the character wanted to carry out such act & that is where the interest is sparked. Lets please open our mind to new ideas before we castigate them!

  17. He ought to have gone to a strip club instead and watch some nude females. One sure thing about the story is how well you told it. But the story’s kinda predictible. Maybe part 2 will spring up some kinda surprise. Now it can either go he commits suicide or he is saved somehow. Just try and make how you get to him (committing suicide or something, somehow, someone saving him) very interesting. You could wow NS with this story. @wealth – guess it’s now ‘women shah’, lol.

  18. @Jaywriter am glad you like the way the story is told. Let me assure you that the story is far from been predictable as it has a twist that would make it stand out. The guy was too love up to thinking about going to the strip bar lol!
    @wealth am glad you can see the beauty in the story, thanks for your support!

  19. @Uche Okonkwo & Raymond I sympathize with the views you are trying to express but I see things differently from you guys! Its amazing how people here are so quick to pass their judgments without carefully considering facts. If you read the story well, you would see why the girl cheating on him is such a big deal. His Mother walked out on his father when he was young & his dad became an Alcoholic Wreck afterwards! This had a psychological effect on Femi making him steer away from long-term relationships, as he is afraid of been hurt like his father!
    The setting of the story is in the UK hence the ‘foreign’ potrayal of romance as Greenwich University is in London.
    Why don’t you leave the readers to judge for themselves as you cannot speak on behalf of everyone. I carefully considered all loop-holes before writing this story. Am not perfect but at least I can strive for perfection!

  20. Afro, if U read my comment well, U will see that, apart from referring to Uche n Da Engineer, I used the word “I”, not “We”. That should be clear enough to U. Look. The greatest mistake writers make is being hardened to criticisms. While I understand the fact that writing is hard (sometimes it feels like raping the mind, hehehe), we cannot get it right all the time. Now, everyone has different tastes, but when not one person, but two, or more, point out something in your work, I think U should sit up and take notice. No one is criticizing your idea. Personally, I am not a Romance-type of person, but I read the stories on NS, cos I have seen some good ones. For me, the only problem I have is with the execution of your work. It is not enough to have a story and just tell it. The Romance stories out there, and any other story really, are a-dime-a-dozen. What U need is something to make Ur work stand head and shoulders above the rest. U did a nice job with the 1st person POV, but everyone has been talking about the predictability of your story, and when a story is predictable, it becomes boring somewhere down the line.
    Instead of sensing a witch-hunt in our criticisms, why don’t U sit back, and take another look at your work. Ask yourself what U could have done differently. I was actually excited with the 1st paragraph, n d 2nd one did ok. But from there, it became predictable.
    Don’t take criticisms as insults to your work. What we are saying is that there is room for improvement.
    Again, Good Luck (maybe U missed the part where I said this in the last comment).

  21. @Raymond I appreciate you and others comments & am going to take to heart your criticisms cos I want to improve. I am aware that the story seems predictable but the story has not ended yet! There is still five minutes before the train comes which leaves room for anything to happen.

    It was a deliberate attempt on my part to follow a somewhat predictable line in other to create twists in the story. I would implore my readers to please be patient with me & when you have read the final piece(when it comes out) you can then decide for yourselves if indeed it was predictable or not. And believe me this story stands out from the rest as Time would reveal.

  22. Better. But in order to create that impression for us, I think U should have used a cliffhanger at the end…Well, we all wait for the next part…

  23. @Raymond the Cliffhanger was that in the next FIVE minutes this guy would jump in front of a train! I wasn’t trying to be explicit as I wanted readers to read between the lines and be eager to know what happens next.Plus that is why I titled it Betrayed(1) showing that it had a sequel! So please be patient all.

  24. Nice flow to the story and this made me want to see where it’s going. You used first person, and you used present tense and for that I commend you. I also liked the simple sentences, but not so much when each started with the same pronoun, I. The exposition/telling could also be reduced and interspersed with action and showing.

    ps, to make replies more relevant, use the reply link under the commenters name, and next to the date.

    1. @Myne Whitman Am glad you could see positives out of this short story. I have taken your points and would work on it. Thanks for your constructive criticism.

  25. A lot has been said about this story already, but I’l wait till the next part is published to say more.
    I do have a question however, considering the tense used and the timing of the story, I’m wondering when exactly the MC could have written this. Before he got to the train station? The store he got the alcohol from? You should check all these little details Prince. Well done.

    1. @Scopeman I understand your perplexity as regards the timing.As you are aware the story is entirely fictitious,hence I made the main character tell the tale from his own lips as I believe it would have more effect on the reader. I promise I would be more careful next time. Thanks for your comment.

  26. @afro-prince, just rushing through. you tried but i’ll come with my microscope later.

  27. Your writing has a long long way to go! I would also suggest that you re-write it because it is at a very amateur stage at the moment! Good luck

    1. @miss-b Thanks for your suggestions as I would do my best to keep improving myself. I wish you too good luck as regards your criticism as it still has a long way to go as well!

  28. @miss-b, beg to disagree ma. the story may not be of standard but it still is a very good attempt at delivering a nice readable piece. what happened here was that the guy was in a hurry and missed out some steps in the story.. later he added this at the wrong places without re-structuring the piece.

    maybe i should state here that we should not aim at getting just anything published all the time, take your time with every piece you write and it’ll come out good

    1. @xikay thanks for your brotherly advice & standing up for me. I would put your suggestions into practice & improve myself. What I like about you is that you see both the positives & not the negative alone. I respect u alot dude.

    2. @xikay if am right the structure you were referring to is the Linear Narrative where a story follows a chronological order(beginning, middle & end)? I most confess that I deliberately set out not to follow this pattern. I decided to start with the ending winding my way to the beginning & then the middle!In order words I changed the order that a story normally appears. So I definitely took my time before publishing this work if you catch my drift, although there are areas to be worked on.

  29. Afro-prince, to make it more convincing that the main character would want to end his life because of his girlfriend’s infidelity, you could have shown us how passionately, madly and deeply in love he was with her. I don’t think this came out enough – maybe you could have shown how he was always thinking about her, how he was spending even a bit too much time with her and neglecting his studies, etc.

    I’d be interested in seeing what happens in part 2…

    1. @Tola Odejayi i agree with you that i should have done more to reveal the main character’s love! I have taken your points on board and would do a better job next time. Hopefully part 2 would make a better impression.

  30. @afro-prince, i’m happy you see it that way and i hope you offer me some advice on some of my works too,,, IRON SHARPENETH IRON

    1. @xikay it is only a foolish man that would refuse constructive advice! I would do my best to offer the same, am loving your biblical illustration.

  31. @Wealth, why would I want to put anyone’s creative efforts down? Anyone who is averse to critical evaluations cannot and should not write. Even the Masters are criticised!
    @Afro Prince, You are the first person on NS that would evoke a throaty laughter from me! You actually lost your cool over a piece of criticism? Oh God, you need to wake up man! A Writer, like a Prophet, must be prepared for all sorts of backlash from his ‘prophecy’. Writing demands bravery and a whole lot of ‘positivity’. I wont take you up on some of the deliberate aspersions you cast on my person, no, i’ll rather ‘enlighten’ you that truly writing is eclectic and MUST be unpredictable. The day people begin to guess the direction of your writing is the day you should reflect on your style and appropriately work on them else you end up like a 1982 model volkswagen beetle confined to the palatial abode of a struggling auto-mechanic!
    You said something about me not understanding your technique -and that was what evoked the throaty laughter I mentioned earlier- and I am still laughing! There is nothing spectacular about your writing style or the POV, I’ve written stuffs from that POV and a good story starts ANYWHERE, the difference is the style of delivery, chikena!
    Toni Kan, one of Naija’s finest short story Writers, was once accused of ‘preaching immorality’ with his ‘Nights of a creaking bed’; Chimamanda’s ‘Purple Hibiscus’ was rejected by a renowned publisher for reasons, I’m sure, the man must now regret; Brilliant Writers thrive on criticisms and like Chimamanda once told me, A Writer must actually look forward to rejections cos it makes you get better. And rejection to the conventional publisher is akin to criticisms on NS!
    If you still write something I dont agree with, I’ll still say my mind. It behoves on you to take them in good faith and not go overboard with your return comments or, better still, ignore them to your own detriment!
    God bless all of us.

    1. @ Da Writing Engineer like the bible says a wise man would listen to wisdom passed down to him. Do not get me wrong, i would accept constructive criticism when it is given as i want to improve. I want to believe that we are all here to support one another as we all stars in the making! However we need to be mindful of how we dish out our opinions, doing so constructively and not unduly imposing our own views on others!

      1. I agree with you totally. Maybe the way I said it was too brazen, I am sorry, you’ve just taught me a lesson!
        I once wrote a piece I absolutely loved and felt was brilliant. But when I got to a Writing Class, our lecturer asked those of us who think we have a good piece of writing to stand up and read it to the class. Naturally, I jumped up and began to read. I was halfway through when the man, Jeremy Weates -Publisher of Cassava Republic- cut me short and with a sad shake of the head began tearing my supposedly brilliant piece apart in front of everyone! I was sad and glad he did cos because of me, he went ahead to teach us the concept of Imagery and the use of conversations to lighten up your work. Out of a damning criticism, well, maybe not so damning,I learnt an invaluable idea that has stuck with me since! You get my point now.
        I like the story sincerely, I just felt you didnt do enough justice to it. And please, its easier for people to tell you that you write well than to point out your shortcomings. I joined NS so people could tear me apart while I learn from their criticism. If people dont have any flaw to point out to me in my writing, i’ll leave the site! I was a Writing Member of for about two years, guy, you need to read criticisms. Some are so uncouth that you’ll never want to write again! But i love them cos they taught me stuffs I could never have learnt anywhere else. Like you said, we are not all perfect and are stars in the making, therefore, we should allow people to let us see flaws in us that we ordinarily wouldnt acknowledge.
        Having said that, I am sorry again for drawing your ire but please, dont post anything on this site expecting positive reviews always, it wont help your writing. Every good writer was once a bad writer.
        I look forward to the concluding part of this and I hope you’ll take all criticisms in good faith.
        Again, God bless us all!

        1. @ Da Writing engineer, em, would the class in question be the Young Writers Network Creative Classes put together by Redstrat, April last year?

          1. Yea! Were you there? If you were, then you must remember me from that Jeremy lecture, i read one story about an accident scene and he was like no oo; too much words and no conversation! That guy did me a lot of good o, he really did and I hope someday i’ll have another opportunity to tell him that to his face.
            But I dont remember you from there o…please tell me you were there!
            Reply please…I don miss that class, an awesome group it was.

            1. Yes, I participated in the class, briefly though. I missed Jeremy’s class, that was the 1st class rite? I only attended 2 classes, I had to return to school, hence, I couldn’t quite mix well with the rest of the class.

              1. Yes it was. eh yah! No wahala sha, I know you writte well enough but I do want you to keep in touch with people from that class. I am glad to meet you here friend, we dey together!

        2. I have also learnt a great lesson too my learned friend that for an amateur writer to grow, he/she must welcome critcisim! I agree with you that people that constructively criticise you, wants the best of you. I would heed your advice and keep improving. Thanks mate.

          1. May our good God, the Ultimate Custodian of Creativity, continue to inspire us with His endless grace so we would all achieve our highest potentials. Amen.
            Every good thing will come…
            PS: Learned? No o o oooo. I am just a fucking (oops! pardon my Greek) creative writer hoping to rise above all forms of environmental drawbacks and letdowns o.

            1. A big Amen from my side as well. My friend stop being modest and accept the accolade (lol) and believe me you shall surely rise against all drawbacks so that your light can shine for the whole world to see.

              1. Amen o! I cant wait to become a published Writer. That’s why I try as much as possible to learn from people around me. Olorun ma se. Thanks for the kind words…and to think we started out ‘fighting’! na so life be…

                1. Am glad that we know understand each other lol. My brother that is how life is sometimes, everything is now a laughing matter :) With God on your side, trust me you would be whatever your heart desires! Jesu ni oba (Jesus is King)

  32. i weonder how i missed all this drama? Thank God I came back sha.I won’t comment on the writing again, enough has been said already.

    Afro-price,as aspiring writers, we musn’t be averse to criticisms, good or bad. Just look at the criticisms as sand mixed with garri.You, the writer is now the sieve that will separate the two and make the beauty of you piece shine through.

    I would wait eanestly for the part two of this……

    well done!!!

    1. Ha ha It has been a really drama indeed! My brother please don’t hold back from commenting as I would welcome your constructive criticism because I want to learn from others. I like your comparison of criticisms to garri & sand lol. As every ‘true’ Nigerian knows to enjoy drinking Garri to the fullest, you must wash away the sand!

      Hopefully the second part won’t disappoint. Thanks

  33. …I know how my mind feels when i read a good story.This one is good, although predictable. Keep the flag flying.

    1. Thanks writefight, am glad you enjoyed the story & I would work on making my story less predictable:) I hope you know the story isn’t over yet sha?

  34. @afro-prince, I AM STILL WAITING FOR BETRAYAL (2)

    1. Sorry… it’s a wait for BETRAYED (2)

      1. @ idoko ojabo I should post the second part by the end of this week at long last.

  35. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    well the ending was quite predictable but i think afroprince is right dis things do happen in the uk or overseas but i don’t see a nigeria man trying to kill himself because of a lady haabaa,we don wise up na

  36. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    although the ending was predictable it was a nice story all the way,and i agree to wat afroprince said dis things do happen in the uk or overseas but i don’t see a nigeria man killing himself because of a lady haba!! we don wise up na

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