We Must Fight!

We Must Fight!

Boots and lethal steels trudged into the village
Spilling shells and causing raging rampage
Aged men and women groped for walking sticks
While the youths ducked as the shells hit bricks
A moment ago, the day had been smiling
Surprisingly, it suddenly began frowning
I stood confused during this frightening fracas
Then a pellet brushed my hair and hit the glass
With my fears nudging me, I flew the window
And for a miserable moment, got stuck in limbo
I saw the young and old running by
Seeking God who was shielded by the sky
While in confused pensivity, Jimmy appeared
“Brother!” he screamed, “C’mon, don’t be scared”

My fire got rekindled, my strength was refreshed
I held his hand, and to the forest, we pressed
For two nights, palm fronts became our bed
While we slept, our minds stayed alert, prepared
What went wrong? What happened to our homes?
The beasts in black with steaming steels sought our bones
How pathetic that we, peasants, had been ripped off
While the eerie elites felt proudly tough
After such filthy flurry of foolery
They termed our response an acrid act of mutiny

They had stealthily stolen our votes
Then they pointed guns saying, “Don’t revolt!”
Such raging display of impunity
Must not be given a chance in our society
These politicians – a contemptible criminal class
Oblivious of our plight, engrossed with wealth to amass
Ah! For how long shall we be enslaved in our land?
For how long shall we be deprived of the fruits of our hands?
Oh! We stay helpless in this frightening forest
We sleep, armless and wildly unable to rest
But we shall rise, brother, and strive for our right
Wake up brother! If we must sleep, we must fight!

5 thoughts on “We Must Fight!” by BOB (@ROBERT-EKAT)

  1. Nice. Love the last line especially, “Wake up brother! If we must sleep, we must fight!” How true.

  2. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    This is truly motivational..

  3. hmm…Makes you want to stand up and fight. Nicely woven!

  4. A challenging piece…Nice…

  5. I’m with you O! Enough is enough. I really enjoyed this. Just noted one little typo- palm fronts became our bed- I guess you meant palm fronds. Very well written.

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