Entice me
Into your will,
Like a spider does a fly…. 

Beguile me
With your words,
Your eyes and you sensuous smile….

Excite me
Into passions
And heedless abandon….

Capture my senses,
And imprison me in pleasure.
Then Release me,
Into bliss.

12 thoughts on “Untitled” by Ejiro (@Ejiro)

  1. i like the flow, the rhythm, the number of beats. i rarely see that. I’m not so hot on poems but this is nice. more?

  2. Good poem. Good use of words and something we all can relate to. Think it’s what a female’d write. Ejiro sounds like a male’s name unless that’s your surname.

  3. short and lovely.
    i like the words you used to great effect and truly,its a beautiful poem.

  4. Hmm, the last stanza reminds me of a butterfly; don’t know why oh.
    I like it.

  5. You could title it..’Take me, I am yours’..lol. Nice, short and sweet. well done!

  6. ya… Short and beautiful… @Jaywriter, Ejiro is female as far as I know… I know three gals who bears that…

  7. Short and to the point, good one!

  8. this is just so very cool and professionally done.

  9. why is there no title… I am a sucker for titles. you lost me there

  10. Omo.




  11. Na there U go fear Sensuality naa…Smooth…

  12. Beautifully written love note…

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