Unforgiven Trespass (8)

Unforgiven Trespass (8)

By and large the drama did unfold and quickly at that! It was like someone was remotely controlling the turn of events and I was acting out a script. It was like a joke on me and everything I had ever believed in.

A month later, Fred and I had started this really easy relationship and I constantly emphasized on no sex, saying it would complicate issues.

He said he wanted a ‘complicated and steamy’ relationship. ‘Said he could feel it in his bones and his blood that I was a deeply passionate woman and that he couldn’t wait for the day that I would finally open up to him-‘’no holds barred’’ , as he would finish with this dreamy look in his eyes.

‘’You go wait tire!’’ I would say to him.

‘’So, I’m one sex siren to you huh?” ‘’That’s what I look like to you?” I asked, feigning anger;

“No!’’ He protested.

Don’t I have the right to daydream about my girlfriend? Even if she isn’t doing same about me?” He asked.

I looked at him quickly, shaking my head.

“Oh no please don’t deny it; I know  ‘cause I’m a man. You’re not as crazy about me as I am for you but I’m ready to take that chance and hope to God that you change.”

“Atleast, I’m here with you and I said yes to you” I reminded him.

“Yeah yeah, so you keep telling me” He said with resignation.

Fred is a cool guy; I keep getting these envious looks from chics and suggestive glances from men whenever we go out, like: “You’ve got the best of the best woman”.

I know it, (sometimes) but I always freeze up and I don’t know why. I also know, I could feel/drum up so much passion for this man but I just can’t unlock that part of me yet.

Amina is amazed at my reaction; she’s of the opinion that with this triple hot boyfriend of mine, I should be over the moon and in blissful ignorance of every other thing.

I told her that it would take some time for me to get used to having a man in my life again.

“Someone must have really hurt you girl” she observed.

I felt I should tell her and so I told her everything about what went down between Frankie and I but left out his name and the part that we seen again and under what circumstance.

“Oh my God! You really went through a lot!” She exclaimed.

“I can’t even imagine the pain and hurt” She continued;

“God punish him wherever he is, he would never have peace. I just wish I could have been there for you, I swear”

I had never felt worse than the way I felt at that moment! I felt like a fraudster. At that moment, I felt I should tell her everything thing but I lost it because Amina got a call from Frankie who had gone back to his work base.

She was all smiles and had this dreamy look on her as she spoke on the phone so I begged to be excused to go prepare for my nightshift.

The past week and half had been really hectic for me with my nightshifts plus a patient that was recovering from a simple appendectomy that I had performed on her died and I just couldn’t understand or explain it.

I just needed to rest my bones. I had two whole days off and I was totally ready and keyed into it.

As I signed out that morning, all I had on my mind was to fall into a mindless sleep.

When I got to the house, Frankie was around;

As I made to walk by, he asked me if I just couldn’t utter a simple greeting and if I was okay; Of course, I didn’t reply him.

I slumped on my bed without changing or having my bath. I think I had drifted into a deep slumber when I someone whispered my name; it took me a few seconds to recollect where I was and who it was.

I turned and Frankie was sitting on the side of my bed and looking at me with such intensity that had my insides crumbling to marshmallows. What was happening? I wondered. How could I still feel something for this guy? I was panicking and I knew it and then he kissed me.

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  1. Hmm…..I don’t know what to say, maybe cos I jumped in at the middle. But I can see the characters, and I feel for your main character; what a predicament!!! Well, that’s life…
    This is good, but it could do with some brushing up. But I read it twice, and I like it…

  2. 2cute4me, this is too cute. Kinda not sure again what happened in the past. Will have to go back again. But this was well told. It’s a little odd though, leaving her bedroom open with Frankie in the sitting room? Think she needs the shag very much. Poor Fred. He better stop wasting his time and go find a willing shag mate. Hope you’ve sent the rest to admin. Hope to read them soon.

  3. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    @Raymond.. Thank you so much for reading..

    @Jaywriter…Dirty minds abound. Working on another one.. Plan not to be lazy this year.. Lol

  4. OOOh… Why did u have to stop here!?

  5. Um, maybe I need to go back to read the other parts. However, I still think you need to work on details contained in this part. I think the way you just leave the reader without ‘enough’ information is quite unfair. You should be able to help us understand without giving much away; show, don’t tell.
    Well done.

  6. Frankie?! She is really going to p**s me off if she goes down that road.

  7. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    @Wealth.. Lol.. That’s the jerk na..Don’t worry you wait for long.

    @Scopeman..When you say ‘details’, the story is still ongoing and contain all the details.. Thing is, I’ve been away for long.. You should go back and read the other parts, I’m sure you’d be updated..
    Thanks for reading..

    @Lade.. Hey friend! Long time! Lol, see the beef..
    You never know, do you? Let’s just see how it goes..

  8. i love this story my dear. note that your tenses tend to disagree: for exMPLE..

    Amina is amazed at my reaction; she’s of the opinion that with this triple hot boyfriend of mine, I should be over the moon and in blissful ignorance of every other thing.(present continouus)

    I told her that it would take some time for me to get used to having a man in my life again.(past tense)

  9. The narration is rolling along pretty well, and everyone seems to be in character. But put in more effort to brush up the tenses and the technicalities. Like there should be a comma or period inside the speech marks, like,

    “Someone must have really hurt you girl,” she observed.

  10. Ooooh! So sweetly filled with experiences that unabashadely give an insight into the being of a woman who wants to remain chaste and still loved by a man with raging hormones. You are cute, too cute.

  11. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    Thank you XIKAY and MYNE WHITMAN… I making a conscious effort..

    @Jeff.. Lol, Thank you so much..

  12. @2cute4u, i realise that your works are, despite some few mistakes, 2cute4us not to enjoy and savour.

  13. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    @Xikay.. Lol… If I get what you mean..

  14. @2cute4u, teah your stuff is good so we gotta just like them

  15. Girl, i am about to strangle you (kidding). what are you doing to your readers???????
    You got it good!

  16. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    I’ve been away so long pple but would send some episodes to admin.chetachi,thanks for enjoying my piece.

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