These our hands, five fingers
Two palms, twin bringers
The creation of God from earth
Earth? So they are mere dirt?
Earth perish at the hands of earth
This I ponder sitting at my hearth

Man’s hand ten brothers of terror
His brain, porridge of horror
I look at his eyes, binoculars of greed
That overlooks what they need
His mind, the war map that never fades
His soul, the citizen of hades

The forests that was green
Never so again are they seen
The hands of man hath stamped his fingers
And still there it lingers
As forests become desserts
That conquers the stoutest hearts

The rivers where the fishes swam
In whose banks roam the footless clam
The corral and the reefs, the oysters
The plankton and the river monsters
Do they not now smell and prick our noses
Like the stench of sewage hoses

Ten fingers pick a willing knife
And plunges into his wife
Ten fingers that gave a golden ring
Now makes the woman cringe
Ten fingers hold the little girl curled
As into her, the penis is hurled

These hands or our, so little
Ten fingers strong and brittle
That dares the forest and the mountain
And makes of them a plain
Shall one day, in their time and turn
Lie under earth and never turn

25 thoughts on “THESE OUR HANDS – fingers TEN!” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. Xikay…this is really deep…really deep…I’m kinnda lost for words…
    I’ll come back and comment when the ‘wow’ factor in my head has stopped echoing..

  2. @estrella, thanks…waiting for you to come back… i just like to address issues and MAN’S HANDS are overkilling it!

  3. hey brov, nice one tho i got some observs.
    1. desert is spelt…well, desert. u spelt it desserts or does it mean another thing?
    2. i think it would’ve been the mind that does all the evil, tho u kind of hinted at it when u spoke of
    3. His brain, PORRIDGE of horror…? now dats funny choosing to describe the brain as poridge, looks like pasta, canned pasta,lol.
    4. HURLING the p into the little girl…i dunno…makes me feel that ain’t no little girl if she is big enough to HURL (VERB. To throw or fling with with great force)..u know?
    5. nice one again.

  4. @neo lite THANKS
    DESSERT is a pun…we have eaten up the forest!
    The mind does, but the HANDS Effect it.
    the BRAIN does look like porridge–ever seen a smashed skull?
    HURLING is to deliberate to show the force…its thrown in really

  5. DESSERT:cool, nice pun (read the piece again)
    Mind vs hands, hmmm. o…k.
    Brain porridge: na lie. i no gree. if u use a smashed skull then, u saw some mashed brains not the brain the way it should be, probably why it looks like porridge. and no i haven’t seen a smashed skull. where’d u see one? (hope we’re not being too graphic n gory here.some people might have fickle hearts).
    HURLING: little girl will surely be HURTING badly.
    remember this prayer? God be in our eyes and in our seeing; God be in our hands and in our doing…(amen).

  6. @neo-lite, PORRIDGE and MASHED brains: i think it takes a mashed brain for MAN to be so DESTRUCTIVE don’t you think?
    HURLING… RAPE hurts doesn’t it?

  7. Good piece. I love the rhymes though you lost it briefly at ‘ring’ and ‘cringe’ but all in all, it was a good read and concise poetry…

  8. @engineer thanks. RING/CRINGE lost? how please. i could learn a thing or two.

  9. @xikay…
    These hands wey we get
    The feet wey waka west
    U waka till ya shoe no size U
    Where U dey find job wey no go pay U…

    Hehehehe…Make we write poem for pidgin naa!!! I love this though. Very deep and introspective.

  10. Quite deep. Love it.

  11. Quite deep. Love it. And I must you use of images makes this one of the most creative stuff on NS. Keep it up man.

  12. @raymond na true you talk o… i wrote one in 2006..

    this my rugged hand
    wey rough pass sand-sand
    …. more later

    @jaywriter, thanks dude

  13. I’m back with the ‘wow!’ out of my head.
    I love this poem.
    You should put it up for one of those green poetry contests around the web..i bet it will go places…i love the way you showed the destructive capabilities of man…his destruction of his environment,of his fellow man and of himself.The one thing we seem to forget when we lose our humanity is that we all will die one day and join the earth as you rightly said…kudos dude!

  14. Really? I go like see the poem abeg. Hehehehe…

  15. @raymond, na admin hold am now. @estrella, thanks my dear…I’m honored.

  16. Na the last stanza me I like pass. You likked the whole work there.Might come back later, but na weti i fit talk for now be this.

    Well done!!!

  17. DAMN! I haven’t read a poem like this in a while. Brutally honest. You can’t go wrong when you evoke a reaction from your reader:

    “Ten fingers hold the little girl curled
    As into her, the penis is hurled”

    That part was sudden, and very timed appropriately aa I did not know what hit me by the time I read it. I had to draw back from my computer screen, and I was like WHOA!! (Literally what happened!) Good Job man!!!

  18. @lawal, THANKS i dey WAIT…@ayokunle, i dey try my best is BLACK/ i try to show it that way… have you read my story AVENGERS

    1. I appreciate it bro. Keep writing this way. I was going through it yesterday actually, I read the comments but I haven’t read the actual story. I will soon. I like that sense of realism in arts. I for one don’t like to read for the sake of escapism, and that’s the way I write too.

  19. I’m back xikay, and can only add to all the accolades that have trailed this piece already.

    well done!!!

  20. @ayokunle, thanks a lot. i’ll go through some of yours too.
    @lawal, Oga i dey blush o!

  21. Brilliant xikay! I like this a lot, well done bro.

  22. @scopeman60, i take this with all humility. thanks

  23. @xikay This is another creative piece of work. I love the fact that you were able to link the works of our hands to different scenarios! Its amazing that the same hands that bring life also brings death. I would have loved it if you told about the good that the hand does. Or is that another poem in the making lol?

  24. @afro-prince, my poems are usually two sided…there’s actually one like what you said but its not here on NS..THANKS.

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